Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winter is here...

... in fact, I am not sure that it is already winter officially, but I am hoping it is... cause I can't get colder than this!

It's 5C now! And every night when I bike back from work with my ears freezing (only that... cause gladly I have awesome gloves and the rest of the body gets warmed up by the biking exercise...) it's around 2C with "frozen" car's windows and deep dark as if it was something like 3am...

BUT I have something good to say about winter! No... I am not going to say that I like winter better than summer!!! I love sun... and if sweat is a side effect... nothing that a few more showers can't solve it... :-P
Anyway... the good thing is that, if is NOT raining... bike is much nicer!!!!
Yes, it is true! 

I was biking to work yesterday... it was a clear day... I had my leather jacket... warm boots and gloves... soon enough I was enjoying my ride... and THE MOST IMPORTANT... there are NO insects flying in your direction, aiming to your eye!!! Biking in winter IS much better! :-D

Other nice thing... IF doesn't rain, is that the wind doesn't blow that much harder as during middle seasons!!!

So... despite the fact that is cold (but nothing that a few more clothes won't solve it :-P IF it doesn't rain) and that soon I need to find a better hat (otherwise my ears are going to froze) I am, in fact, enjoying this begin of winter! Even the biking around!

(but if it rains... or I hibernate or I need better transportation than my bike...)

Friday, October 24, 2008

back to the cold and rainy weather

Ah... I miss home!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Cariocas são bonitos
cariocas são bacanas
cariocas são sacanas
cariocas são dourados
cariocas são modernos
cariocas são espertos
cariocas são diretos
cariocas não gostam de dias nublados

Cariocas nascem bambas
cariocas nascem craques
cariocas têm sotaque
cariocas são alegres
cariocas são atentos
cariocas são tão sexys
cariocas são tão claros
cariocas não gostam de sinal fechado

I am still wondering how can I survive in ams???!!!
At least, amsterdam is the cooler city of the world... this should compensate for cloudy-forever days...

ah... I love my Rio!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The birthday gift

So... as you know I am on vacation in Rio!!! :-D
Have said that, I won´t be posting here for sometime, cause I have to enjoy this short time of real sun!!!

BUT today I do need to make an entry... today I received my brother´s birthday gift: a wakeboard lesson!!!

It was great!!!

I won´t have time to put all the pictures online, not yet, cause they were around 200 (1hr for me, one hour for my brother)... but I will do leave some here, so you can have some taste ;-)

Enjoy it!
I did! :-)
jumping on the water...

first try... trying to get up...

standing up...

but down...

... now I am in control!

and with only one hand!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Big Bang Theory II

I've just watched the third episode of this second season...
I have only one things to say:
Go see it too!


this looks more promising...

10C of difference... but now close to the 30C ;-)

Monday, October 06, 2008


And the prospect for the weekend is not better!!!
In fact... I can just look forward for a "partly cloud" next week... sighs...

I wanna sit and cry!!!

... the only bright side of the weather... is that at least I am looking forward for rain in 10C above NL average...

ai ai...

news now and then...

... then, I was in Romania... then in Zeeland, just check it out at:

... now, I am preparing myself to go take some time off at my home town :-) ... so, until I am back, guess this blog will be quiet... but the fotopages might see some action ;-)

I see no better way to say hello to the, forever here, dutch fall/winter, than with a break in the spring/summer in Rio! :-D


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Supernatural is back!

And as far the road goes... this season is proving to have come to be the best!

I love it!
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