Monday, August 31, 2009

Keep Calm!

No need to add anything else to the post... I think this describes very well my mondays!


Sunday, August 30, 2009


Eu só quero que você saiba
Que estou pensando em você
Agora e sempre mais
Eu só quero que você ouça
A canção que eu fiz pra dizer
Que eu te adoro cada vez mais
E que eu te quero sempre em paz

Tô com sintomas de saudade
Tô pensando em você
E como eu te quero tanto bem
Aonde for não quero dor
Eu tomo conta de você
Mas te quero livre também
Como o tempo vai e o vento vem

Eu só quero que você caiba
No meu colo
Porque eu te adoro cada vez mais
Eu só quero que você siga
Para onde quiser
Que eu não vou ficar muito atrás

Tô com sintomas de saudade
Tô pensando em você
E como eu te quero tanto bem
Aonde for não quero dor
Eu tomo conta de você
Mas te quero livre também
Como o tempo vai e o vento vem

Eu só quero que você saiba
Que estou pensando em você
Mas te quero livre também
Como o tempo vai e o vento vem
E que eu te quero livre também
Como o tempo vai e o vento vem


The weather here in Amsterdam it came back to the usual shower-rain!
Last night Pieter and I went to the rental place and came back home under such a strong pouring rain!!! The drops came down so cold and so strong that my head was hurting!!!

And now, tonight, the same thing!!! :-(
We went out with some friends to the uitmarkt and when was time to come back home we came back under such strong shower!!! (and by bike!!!)

We were soaked wet!!!
Anyway, now I am inside, all dry and warm, ready for an horror movie and some hot chocolate and then I remembered about this post! And hey!!! Isn't it a great idea??!!
Those rainy boots are very practical and nowadays they are also VERY CUTE!!! ;-)
Think I will be getting a pair soon enough for me! :-)

Hope you all in a warm place right now...
(even if this means under the covers inside your place ;-) )
... enjoying a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, August 29, 2009


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I love today!

I need to share this with you!
Probably some of you already know her, since I came to it via one of my every day read bogs, but still, I need to!

I was bored to death, browsing around when suddenly came to the PinkCupcake site (which I entered for the name and stayed for the style) and I can't stop smile! :-D

Congratulations Daisy, for your amazing posts!
Your blog makes me smile

:-) :-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Meu momento paparazzo

Meu momento paparazzo
Upload feito originalmente por ana_assisjesus
Those pictures are from last year... but they make me so happy all the time I look at them, that today I've decided to share them with you!

Todays is one of those days, when I have a headache and I am all moody... (but I am not wearing sunglasses at home, neither reading a nice book, but a bunch of papers - or at least trying - to go the figure link to read the description ;-) )... But gladly I have my *dreamy* with me to cheers me up!

I am glad that this week is over and weekend is coming... The come back home, from home, wasn't very easy on me, in all ways...
But life is like this and most follow its course!

Vou aproveitar para deixar aqui um beijo IMENSO para meus pais e meu irmão que estão no Rio!
And lovelies wishes for a wonderful weekend to all of you!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

fading away...

view from my balcony
Upload feito originalmente por ana_assisjesus
Summer is slowly fading away...
The days are not as sunny as before... not warm as before...
But still, the days are long, not that cold... and inviting for a stroll in the park! :-)

Summer is getting to an end, soon fall will fall and the leaves will be gone... and this nice view from my balcony will be traded by "dead" trees and brown grass...

At the same time fall is just a warning that winter is coming, I can't lie I am looking forward to it. I love the color of the leaves during fall, as I love the bloom during spring!

That is something about me people might get it wrong... I love summer! But more than that, I always look forward for between seasons: spring and fall! That is something magical about them that is impossible to explain!

And you?
What is your favorite season of the year?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Morning!

Hello to all!

This is not being one of my best weeks, but neither the worst, I am glad to say!

But, nothing better to cheer up my mood than a nice breakfast!
My baby made me some tea, and left next to my side of the bed, and last night he made me some pancakes!!! :-)

So now, all I have to do is make me some more tea, enjoy my pancakes with sugar and cinnamon and get ready to work!

Hope u all have a nice week.


PS.: we do have one of those electric boilers, which is much faster, but I do love my heart kettle! Isn't it the cutest thing ever?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Google logo today celebrates the 400th anniversary of Galileo's telescope!

Hello lovelies!
I am BACK!

I've arrived in Nl on sunday and this week is already a working week (no rest for the wicked)... and as I am still shifting my time zone, and feeling like I am waking up at 3:30am instead of at 8:30am... It will take some time to come back to more regular posts...

But in the meanwhile, hope you all had/are having the time of your lives!


Thursday, August 20, 2009


For a long time now, Pieter and I are trying to go to a ballet... and for years I want to see Giselle!
I couldn't be more luck! The Brazilian national ballet was playing it here in Rio!

It is a very sad story, but very very BEAUTIFUL!!!
I loved it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

married again!

With the same person! :-P

We are now enjoying our last days in this paradise place which I call HOME!!! :-)
Let you with a nice pic of the wedding part-II and see you all when I am back to my other home! ;-)


Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Day!


Today is The day! :-)

I have make up & hair all nicely done, and veil on!

In a few minutes I am turning off the online world and will be back only next week!

A lovely weekend to all of you!



Thursday, August 06, 2009

2 days for the wedding!

This saturday is the brazilian version of our wedding!

And on sunday we leave on honey moon, so, after tomorrow I will be off for sometime!

Have a lovely weekend!


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