Friday, March 16, 2007

answer machine

So... can anyone tell me what goes in the mind of someone who doesn't leave a simple message in an answer machine?

ok ok... I can understand that some people don't like to leave a message cause feels shy... or doesn't like the sound of your own voice... BUT what I mean is about those people who not only don't leave a message... BUT keep calling again and again... without pass any second after the answer machine be ignored!

I CAN'T undersdand this! Is insane!!!

If the owner of the phone you are calling didn't answer you why you keep calling again anad again???

If the owner is in the shower, you will call him/her till he/she get out of the shower... (or stoping doing his/her necessities :-P )
Will you keep calling till the person arrive at home, if he/she left?

Or do you think that keep calling will make this person curious to answer the phone... considering that the owner just don't feel like answering!!!

Well... It's insane... cause if the person is not at home... and the call is importan, you should leave a message... (or for God's sake... send an email... a sms, call his/her cellphone!!! anyone has one today :-P )

I can just imagine the call is not important and will keep not answering... what else besides this can happen? The owner will end up turning the phone off... Some jerk is loosing his/her time and bothering the onwner's phone number time!

Think about it... and leave a small message next time! ;-)
Be smart people!
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