Wednesday, December 28, 2005

just life...

just life...

So... Do people remember when I've put this post here?
I was doing DAQ shifts at that time!

Now, I am back to Rio... has three weeks already and I didn't stop yet! I got a very bad cold but i didn't stopped!
talks to give, Reports do do!!!! and I go on and on as I was in Chicago time so everyday at 5am (Brazilia time) I go to sleep!!!!

... sighs... sweet grad life!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm getting old :-(


Friday, December 16, 2005

My room, my place, my world

My room, my place, my world
Here is where I spend most of the time! Of course I go out... :-P but I really DO enjoy be in my room...
It looks like me, has my signature...
I like to be here in all occasions... alone or with friends... watching TV (I like TV in a room **), listening music... enjoying or working!

It is like my private small world ;-) :-P

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A retrospect of the last month till now ;-)

Finally everything nos is setup... My presentation was fine... my room is a personal mess :-P , I am starting to sleep more regulary (or at least working on that ;-) ), the hot water on the shower is fixed (yeah I didn't tell but we had a problem and I was for one week taking cold shower... but after a week, yep, on monday, the water was fixed and we have hot nice shower ;-)) and we are starting to put up the Christmas Tree :-)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

My room is a mess, but I don't have time to clean up because I have to do a presentation on thursday, this is tuesday ;-)

I am home ;-)

I am tired!!!

On the plane... (I think is 5th already :-/)

bye bye (better, see you soon ;-) ) honey! (Dec 3rd 2005)

Christmas decoration on the streets of West Chicago

My last snow memory (not the last day, because it was snowing till the day that I came back home)... and well, last for some time ;-) 'soon' I will see more

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This is the new face of my ubuntu 5.10...
After, as my father says "muito choro e ranger de dentes", I was able to find a fix for it...
So I enter in the ubuntu forum page and asked about this problem, and for my surprise a lot of people has the same problem, all of them with laptops and the greatest part Toshiba... some vaio's also... but the most was toshiba, all series...
Well, but in the end I found the fix that worked just fine for me :-)
And, what is better I was also able to install skype in my ubuntu... it isn't like I am windows, but it works fine ;-)
So now I have, again, both systems, running fine! and btw, I will have to make a picture of my windows... it is as cute as my ubuntu!
More news, soon... and beach pictures after this FU6969 rain stops!!!! ;-)

Friday, December 09, 2005

What the hell is this?

This is my new linux... the new version of ubuntu that in the trying to update my computer ATE my old version and all my programs, pictures and setups!!!!

Can someone explain why those things ALWAYS happen with me?

stay tune for news! now coming from Brazil!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Packing - part III

... and it is not the end...
But yep, it is true, it is already the third time that I pack these bags...
In the first part, the blue one contained summer clothes and the red one was empty
Then in the second part, the red one had summer clothes, the blue one winter clothes and the box my stereo system...
Well, now, the box still has my system, the red one my winter clothes (because the blue one didn't close) and the blue one my summer clothes...
Blue one is on the limit!!!
Red one is full but not checked how heavy yet... the box is done
To go the hand bags and lot's of small things...
More for tomorrow before parties ;-)

Packing - part II

Now I have almost two suitcases packed... but one is light and doesn't close and the other is almost passing the limit!!!
I still have to pack stuffs in my handbag and give "someone else" another handbag...
And, oh sure, I have a box!!!!
ARGH!!!! two years in two suitcases is KIND OF hard!!!!

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