Saturday, July 26, 2008

African cuisine

Friday evening... time to relax! ;-)

I came home after some hard work day ( :-P ) and had some drinks with Pieter while deciding where to go for dinner...

... two shots of cachaça with honey and lime later... we were biking our way to a mexican place....

... to our deception the mexican place was only a take away place... so we had to move our "plans" for the second option... an African restaurant.

There the food comes in a plate covered with delicious pancakes that we use to grab the food (instead of the usual utensils)... and what food it was.... It was amazing!!!
I loved it!!!!

What a lovely evening...
some more drinks later... and I can forget about any hard work at all ( :-P )

so... get envy of us with the picture of our delicious friday evening ;-)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the sky

The weather didn't get better, is still bellow 20C and at night, if the windows are open it freezes to the soul!

But at least we have some blue sky! ;-)
(or as blue as can get it :P )

Monday, July 21, 2008


12C, wind and rain!

Yes... this is summer in NL!


Friday, July 18, 2008

The best:


When I arrived home... tired and frustrated after my "working" day, Pieter had prepared me a bath!

Hot water, scent oleos... incense, candles, tea, candy and cookies... my book of the time... and some Vivaldi on the background! :-)

Ahhhh... Life can be so good!!! 
(I completely forgot about the fact that after the "right" cuts - whatever they are - I almost have no data left....) 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer is never coming...

As we are talking (Pieter and I) he suddenly asks me if I brought my toe rings... I answer "no"...
He then asks... "aw... why not?" and here is why: Summer is never coming!!!

When I last went ti Brazil I brought all my sandals since the weather was starting to get better but the promise of the summer it was just an illusion! It's not coming... and will never will!!!

Everyday is cold (thanks God, not like in January) but it is always cold... the constant is 17C and with some luck... we get to 20C

Now I wonder what am I going to do with all my sandals...

ah... I miss a real summer....

Friday, July 11, 2008

more flowers....

waking up is getting harder and harder

Thanks for the idea ;-)


ok ok ok... I have to confess that I am in love with my Mac!!! awwwww........ :-)

First of all, it is all shiny and cute!!! aha :-D (even been all white... I was for a long time in love with the black one... but this all white is very cute...)

Second... is all so easy!!!! :-O All the installations are very very easy!!! And I am not talking only easier than linux, where usually you need all kind of commands to be able to install anything (except for ubuntu which is the easiest of all linux I know...) but even easier than install a windows program for windows...
Here... it’s all “drag and install” tada!!!! it’s done! ;-)
And there is more... guess the commands... “if you think it can be easy like this... IT IS!”

I love my new Mac!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

getting used with a sea neutrino telescope e-log

Today, we saw a lizard (but this one was alive!) in the power hut. He was a little bigger than the dead one (was-it because he was not "grilled"?)

We will have tomorrow a call from the man of the "Museum d'histoire naturelle de Toulon". He will tell as if a lizard repulsive exists (we can not kill them as the “Tarentola mauritanica" is a protected race).

I "think" my new shifts are going to be so much more fun than pot insertion



... and so it is...

I was some days out off my office!
The last day I came in it was last weds... and since I wasnt coming back untill beging of this week, as every friday, I cleaned my desks and any garbage I could have around here...

And thursday I was flighting to Greece!
The time there was great!
There was real hot!!! (everyday was 30 to 33C, not the one day 26C and the rest of the month at 18C as ams...) anyway... news about Greece and the meeting happening there are coming in some other entry...

It happens that then, monday and tuesday I was a "ill" person and stayed at home... but I wanted to check some codes from home...
On monday I find out my pc is down!
On tuesday I manage to get someone from across the corridor to turn it on for me (as it was informed me my office mate turned it off cause some noise was bothering him...)

But now it comes the worse!
Today I arrive in my office to find it a complete mess!!!!
Ah... but that's not all!!! It gets worse!!! I WAS SMELLY!!!
In fact, smelly is a way too soft word for it!!!!


I thought someone or something have died in here!!! (un)fortunately I didnt find my office mate dead in the office... BUT I did find some dead rests of slime food on the garbage!!!
Getting rid of the garbage wasnt enough!!! The smell persisted!!!
I was imagining that I was going to die in here!!!

But thanks to power of an air freshener, handed me in by the facility people... I can breath again!!! breath again...

.... again....

or at least until my office mate come back!!!

sighs... it is this mess and this smelly and is not even above 20C yet... I "cant wait" until summer arrives!

stay tuned ;-)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Today (1st july), was a very hot day in ams!!!!

:-) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

How I am happy!!!!!!

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