Saturday, December 08, 2007

O Natal esta' chegando

Seja criativo! ;-)

I am back!

And so it is... ;-)

Wow... I don't right has a long long time!!!
Let me see... april! Then... what happen? well... may and june I spent finishing up my thesis!!! and July... well... july I've defended (Dr Ana :P) became older... and packed!

Yes... packed up! Then august, september and october I was in Switzerland, working at CERN :D
In between... I went like three to four times to the Netherlands :D ... once to Romania for Miruna's wedding and to Italy (Venice) with Pieter! :D :D :D

Let me see what else... hahahaha...
Begin of november I came back to Brazil and I am in vacation since then! :D
No worries... just finally getting some rest! ;-)

You can check some of the news at:
and others at:

Stay tune... for more news ;-)
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