Wednesday, December 28, 2005

just life...

just life...

So... Do people remember when I've put this post here?
I was doing DAQ shifts at that time!

Now, I am back to Rio... has three weeks already and I didn't stop yet! I got a very bad cold but i didn't stopped!
talks to give, Reports do do!!!! and I go on and on as I was in Chicago time so everyday at 5am (Brazilia time) I go to sleep!!!!

... sighs... sweet grad life!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm getting old :-(


Friday, December 16, 2005

My room, my place, my world

My room, my place, my world
Here is where I spend most of the time! Of course I go out... :-P but I really DO enjoy be in my room...
It looks like me, has my signature...
I like to be here in all occasions... alone or with friends... watching TV (I like TV in a room **), listening music... enjoying or working!

It is like my private small world ;-) :-P

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A retrospect of the last month till now ;-)

Finally everything nos is setup... My presentation was fine... my room is a personal mess :-P , I am starting to sleep more regulary (or at least working on that ;-) ), the hot water on the shower is fixed (yeah I didn't tell but we had a problem and I was for one week taking cold shower... but after a week, yep, on monday, the water was fixed and we have hot nice shower ;-)) and we are starting to put up the Christmas Tree :-)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

My room is a mess, but I don't have time to clean up because I have to do a presentation on thursday, this is tuesday ;-)

I am home ;-)

I am tired!!!

On the plane... (I think is 5th already :-/)

bye bye (better, see you soon ;-) ) honey! (Dec 3rd 2005)

Christmas decoration on the streets of West Chicago

My last snow memory (not the last day, because it was snowing till the day that I came back home)... and well, last for some time ;-) 'soon' I will see more

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This is the new face of my ubuntu 5.10...
After, as my father says "muito choro e ranger de dentes", I was able to find a fix for it...
So I enter in the ubuntu forum page and asked about this problem, and for my surprise a lot of people has the same problem, all of them with laptops and the greatest part Toshiba... some vaio's also... but the most was toshiba, all series...
Well, but in the end I found the fix that worked just fine for me :-)
And, what is better I was also able to install skype in my ubuntu... it isn't like I am windows, but it works fine ;-)
So now I have, again, both systems, running fine! and btw, I will have to make a picture of my windows... it is as cute as my ubuntu!
More news, soon... and beach pictures after this FU6969 rain stops!!!! ;-)

Friday, December 09, 2005

What the hell is this?

This is my new linux... the new version of ubuntu that in the trying to update my computer ATE my old version and all my programs, pictures and setups!!!!

Can someone explain why those things ALWAYS happen with me?

stay tune for news! now coming from Brazil!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Packing - part III

... and it is not the end...
But yep, it is true, it is already the third time that I pack these bags...
In the first part, the blue one contained summer clothes and the red one was empty
Then in the second part, the red one had summer clothes, the blue one winter clothes and the box my stereo system...
Well, now, the box still has my system, the red one my winter clothes (because the blue one didn't close) and the blue one my summer clothes...
Blue one is on the limit!!!
Red one is full but not checked how heavy yet... the box is done
To go the hand bags and lot's of small things...
More for tomorrow before parties ;-)

Packing - part II

Now I have almost two suitcases packed... but one is light and doesn't close and the other is almost passing the limit!!!
I still have to pack stuffs in my handbag and give "someone else" another handbag...
And, oh sure, I have a box!!!!
ARGH!!!! two years in two suitcases is KIND OF hard!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Packing... (or tying to... :-/ )

Just for the records.... I HATE MOVING!!!
I have to pack everything and think about what is necessary and what is not... the weight and SIGHS!!!!

It would be sooooo good if I could just move and buy everything new!!!! hihihi


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Playing with Gimp

I've put linux (ubuntu: in my computer (in fact, Pieter did... the partition and the installation...)... well, in the process I also lost my windows, but okay it's fixed already... (with the exception of the musics that I didn't save and are lost now :'( ).
Ubuntu is a very nice (well, it's a linux...), (nice when does it work... because, of course it takes a while to set some stuffs up, stuffs that i don't know (and
I am not very much, to not say not at all, patience and I set all - not all and not that easy also, only with reflexion exception... anyway now I remember like a easy-fast setup in windows, hummmm ))
Anyway... ubuntu is a very nice system and I am spending my week (trying to work... I don't how I was able to do my presentationS for today... in office, not ppt... but still, a very nice one!) playing around in my new system... drawing... doing new backgrounds...
And here you can see a screenshot of my desktop... I've made my panel bars light pink and this nice background is also my creation with Gimp!!! a image editor...
yep... in the end I've put linux in my laptop and I have to say, I like it!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Panera bread

Monday I went to Panera bread... is a sandwich kind of coffee place very nice...
The sandwiches are very good, the cold ones, like salads and specially the panini ones... heat... hum... so nice... and they also have a very good cuban black beans soup!!!!! And you have the option "you pick two" so you can have half sandwich and a bowl of soup for example... DELICIOUS!!!!

The side for sandwiches were chips (that I love!)... and for the soup bread... but sadly if you decided for the "you pick two" the side was always bread... it made me so sad, because I like so much that chips (in fact, chips is my second vicious after coke, that I am trying to cut... sighs...)...

BUT NOW!!!!!!

you have a choice of which side do you want... bread (and what kind of bread), chips or apple!!!!

hm... Definitely... Panera bread is a place that I will miss!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

PhD life

I remember the first time that I saw this cartoon... it was last year... still in the beginning of the year and my life here... I was still in my first office (hihihi, I had a door and a window... now I don't have none of those... *sighs* ...) ... anyway...
I though it was pretty funny, even more because it is true!
So, during my daq shifters (NO, I don't miss them), more precisely during the owl shifts, when everyone is sleeping and you can't but also can't not fix in work, I spent time reading these comics ( and I got this one for me... it is in my office desktop! ;-)
Well, today, one of my friends asked me in which step was I and my first instinct was answer "before the first one"... but then I though and I realized that this is not quite true!!! I in fact already pass through those steps... in fact all of them, even the last one (:'( ).
Ok, ok... not with all the years and I still have one last year...
So I've realized that I am in some intermediary step!!!! And this gave me a great satisfaction... (another PhD student will understand... sighs...) that yes, I can get stuck sometimes, but it is going ahead and yes I will be able to finish it!!!
Oh happy day!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Step it up / Tropicalia

Last week I went to a step class... I though "oh, I did some step classes when I was in Rio and I liked so much... and I did other day, so nice, vibrating... so step it up..."

So, I step it up to the Lifetime fitness center, all cute and full of energy and... well, and, I will describe the class...

-Teacher: march, march... right foot... basic right... now left... basic left... all over the step...

And I am like "ok, that's nice, this is easy..."

-T:mambo, basic right, all over, mambo, basic left... turn all over, step on, out, jump, all over, turn...

Ah? What? Ops, is everyone to the other side?
Ah... ok, now I got it...

-T: Now, let's do the combo (combo?) left, right, turn... again, faster.. mambo... right, turn, all over (argh.... what now? flight? oh my God, is everyone on the other side again? :-( hm...)

-T: Now, let's all dance together... put the steps in a line... (oh no!!! Dance together? why aren't we going to flight? it is easier, I can bet... :'( )

And so, I did step it up out of the class...
And this "step it up" cost me a whole week with hurting legs... sighs...

Friday night we went to an exposition in Chicago (ah... sweet Chicago, it is so nice there... I will miss this city...) it was a Brazilian exposition, Tropicalia... I hated!!! Bad art, with some few exceptions, bad food (nothing Brazilian typical) and bad music...
After some hours standing in high heels some people decided to walk forever till some bar... I didn't last till the bar (this means that Pieter also didn't...), I needed to take out my shoes and we came back with me without shoes...
But it was very nice... in fact much better than continue walking till I don't know where... we stopped in a cafe had some tea and then did a tour by the lake with a carriage! Very nice!!!
Once more a very nice weekend! ;-)

Monday, October 31, 2005

Amor é fogo que arde sem se ver

Amor é fogo que arde sem se ver;
É ferida que dói e não se sente;
É um contentamento descontente;
É dor que desatina sem doer;
É um não querer mais que bem querer;
É solitário andar por entre a gente;
É nunca contentar-se de contente;
É cuidar que se ganha em se perder;
É querer estar preso por vontade;
É servir a quem vence, o vencedor;
É ter com quem nos mata lealdade.
Mas como causar pode seu favor
Nos corações humanos amizade,
Se tão contrário a si é o mesmo Amor?

Luis Vaz de Camoes
The translation:
Love is a fire that burns without flame;
Wound that hurts and can't be felt;
non-contented contentment;
Pain that causes madness without hurt.
It's not wishing better than wishing good;
It's a lone walk amonst crowds;
It's an unsatisfaction in satisfaction;
It's even winning by losing.
It's being tied by wish;
It's serving, to who wins, the winner;
It's being loyal to the one who kills us, loyalty.
But how can its favor cause
Conformity in the mortal hearts,
Being love so contrary to itself?
I think that in Portuguese is much nicer!!! but ok... it is understandble also in English...
But anyway, I am writting it down here just to remeber myself that the first time when I heard this poem I loved (love at first sigh) but I though it was a sad description... and now, still in love, I see it as perfec description... It is not sad... can be not happy also... but it describes love!
Love, that even so contrary to itself brings in our hearts, not only conformity, but happiness!!!
I know, and I can not forget, that I will have a nice week after such very VERY nice weekend... in fact, PERFECT!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Vending Machine III - halloween horror...

I can't live like this!!!
Not was enought "they" had changed the vending machines from my office building, taking away from me the pleasure of the coke flavour (real coke, not pepsi...)...
... not enough... ok I decide that my "need" for coke is strong and than pepsi it is... then:

The vending machine doesn't accept coins!!!! :-O

This only can be a trick from Halloween!!!!

Oh well... so I had to spend the whole day been health, drinking orange juice!!!! sighs!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Vending Machine II

Yesterday I went to buy some coke in vending machine, on my office building and for my surprise (a bad surprise) they don't have coke anymore :-(

When I say no coke anymore, I refer to the only one, the original, the Coca Cola... ahhhhhhhh

Unfortunately they only have pepsi now... it has coke, but doesn't taste like coca-cola! And I am not saying this only because I am a huge fan of coca-cola... but because I am also fan of a good coke...

Pepsi is not that good... coke is much better... and I did lot's of "taste studies" and the only one that approaches to the real coca-cola taste is a Alaskan coke (the one with caffeine please... what that hell is this of coke without caffeine?!) but pepsi is still far away from the cake taste

But, as fan of good coke I am addicted to the coke taste, I had to have the pepsi... sghs... sad news for my afternnons/evening at work... but at least they have ice-cream... (if the heat is strong enough, so I can forget that the winter is coming ;-))

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Yesterday and Today

It's incredible how the same old same can sometimes look so different!!!

There is a construction next to Pieter's house obstructing the normal way to go to work... so we had to do a different way... in fact a slightl different way, we only took the next street instead the usual one and then we were again in the old 59 route... but only THIS detour (I hate my aim... it is asking for a f#$^% new upload, I sent install n times and keeping asking me again!!! I will just unistall it now!!! hihihi) well, continuing... and only this one sigle detour was enough to make me see everything different... a new angle, a new look... a new point of view of that old street... and seem more nice... all the trees were more bright, the whole day, everyhere

I think this did my day a bit happyier... I worked better... and I even found out a site with my favorite addicting game (Shise-sho: In fact... a site with lot's of the same game... it made my day!!!

Well, today the detour is old already... so, nothing was new! And been very realistic... also everything nice and bight wasn't really that bright but it was my new sun glasses that make everything brighter and redish/tanning, hihihi...

Nice new angle of view!!! -> new glasses :-P

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Problem Solving Flowchart...

Friday, September 30, 2005

To com sintomas de saudade!!! :'(

A Sua (marisa Monte)

Eu só quero que você saiba
Que eu estou pensando em você
Agora e sempre mais
Eu só quero que você ouça
A canção que eu fiz pra dizer
Que eu te adoro cada vez mais
Que eu te quero sempre mais
To com sintomas de saudade
To pensando em você
Como eu te quero tanto bem
Aonde for não quero dor
Eu tomo conta de você
Mas te quero livre também
Como o tempo vai
O vento vem
Eu só quero que você caiba
No meu colo porque
Eu te adoro cada vez mais
Eu só quero que você siga
Para onde quiser
Eu não vou ficar muito atrás
To com sintomas de saudade
To pensando em você
Como eu te quero tanto bem
Aonde for não quero dor
Eu tomo conta de você
Mas te quero livre também
Como o tempo vai
O vento vem
Eu só quero que você saiba
Que eu estou pensando em você
Mas te quero livre também
Como o tempo vai
O vento vem
Mas te quero livre também
Como o tempo vai
O vento vem

Collaboration Week II - after talking

Ah... Now I can breath relieved... I did my talks and both were good! :-)
I had one talk on wednesday, about my technical work... and it was good, well explained and planned... and today (in fact yesterday, on thursday) I presented my analysis!!! And this one was really good!!! I am really happy with the reaction of people...

And this way the is going to end up very well (but for the fact that I have shifter in this weekend... but ok, I will have at least one week without!!!)

So, on monday I had stuffs done, after a wondering weekend... by tuesday the talks were done and we had Helena's birthday party, that was really nice!!! On weds I did my lum talk and in the night went to socialize with the d0 people... nice, nice.... and today my analysis talk and socialize with friends!!!

I'll keep in mind this like my end of week since tomorrow I have "shifts" ...

And on top of that... tuesday I have my baby back (*blush*)!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Collaboration Week

So... This week is the D0 Collaboration Meeting week!
It is everyone going crazy with their own talks and work!!! Good that on top of that today is Helena's birthday (Happy Birthday Heleninha!!!), so we can have a break to get together, relax and maybe not talk about work (what is too difficult to happen when a bunch of physicist are put together ;-))

It is something... even with my boyfriend I could notice that instead of talk about nice stuffs and "I miss you" I was talking about work! "I did this I did that is missing this..." almost without breath...

But ok! Now I have almost everything setup... and next week I can upload more pictures from my last trip (that I didn't do it up till now because my web page were with problems... but now looks fine!)

ok... again, stopping here, because I now have the strange habit to write too much!!! I start thinking in something and then my mind starts to flow around all my thoughts... and I keep thinking and writing... and so and so and so on...

Well, since is Collaboration week, here is a fig of something that I am working!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Pro dia nascer feliz!

Todo dia a insônia
Me convence que o céu
Faz tudo ficar infinito
E que a solidão
É pretensão de quem fica
Escondido fazendo fita

Todo dia tem a hora da sessão coruja, hum...
Só entende quem namora
Agora vão'bora
Estamos bem por um triz
Pro dia nascer feliz, hum...
Pro dia nascer feliz
O mundo inteiro acordar
E a gente dormir, dormir
Pro dia nascer feliz
Ah! Essa é a vida que eu quis
O mundo inteiro acordar
E a gente dormir...

Todo dia é dia
E tudo em nome do amor
Ah! Essa é a vida que eu quis

Procurando vaga
Uma hora aqui, a outra ali
No vai e vem dos teus quadris
Nadando contra a corrente
Só pra exercitar...
Todo o músculo que sente
Me dê de presente o teu bis
Pro dia nascer feliz, é!
Pro dia nascer feliz
O mundo inteiro acordar
E a gente dormir, dormir
Pro dia nascer feliz, é!
Pro dia nascer feliz
O mundo inteiro acordar
E a gente dormir, dormir

Boa Noite!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Don't let for tomorrow what you can do today!!!

yes yes yes... parents always say this to their children, so the children do their homework and soon as possible... (as if it works)...
"C'mon... do your homework now and then you will be free later"...
Who wants to be free later? Kids want to be free now, play now... and then when they are tired, when all the plays don't excite anymore... THEN they can do the homework... (not that really works... because then they are tired, they have to sleep and it is too late!!!)
Yeah... you don't want do it now but later is not safe... in the end parents are right!!!

yep... they are right because they know better! Not because they are parents, but because they already let to later their homework, or because they are letting to later some problem...

You do when you are kid.. and then people continue to do when they "grow up" (in between "" because some NEVER really grow up :-P)...
It is so true... and then happened with me this week!

I came back from a 3 weeks holiday... So I have lots of catch up to do with my work... somehow I was unable to "catch up" with the one whom should help me till today (this is the part that is not my fault...) but then, together I let for later the OTHER work... the one that I've should and could done now... but I didn't!!! I found something better to work on... or somewhere to go and have fun! And after a good night of fun with brazilian song I got home and "ok, let's just check my mail" and I have the message "You have to present!!! You have to have work done THIS week to present next week!!!" and also... finish the other work!!!

Sh$#%...&*it!!! I should have done before... so I will do this now!
I tried... it crashed... should I do the other one then now? Or should I go do some work out?
I decide that I do it now and not later!!! So I went to do some work out!!!! of course :-P

And that was good!
So... in the end... you don't really let to do later... you just do something that you can do it now... the one that gives you more pleasure! C'mon... it sure makes sense... I did work out now and not later... the kid plays now and not later!!!

So... now I will decide between now work or now go to a bar? hu hu?

And, btw... someone told me that I've been writing some silly things in my blog... and I felt so *blushed* and embarrassed that I had decide not to write anything silly anymore!!!
But... since I learnt today (last night) that I should do now and not later!!! (even if according with my discourse the question is not now and later but what do you want to do now and what later... since you are not going to regret it later ;-) )
Since I have to do now and not later... I will give myself the right of been silly NOW that I can I have good reasons for... than later... that I don't know how it will be, I have no sure... I can just plan and hope!!!
So now... I can be silly and I am silly because I am in love!!!

Kisses to everyone and a huge kiss for you!!! ( *;-)* *:-P* *blush*)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Call

I had a horrible night!!!
I was so tired and I thought that I would be able to sleep like a baby... and I was right if it wasn't the pager. Some horrible device created to disturb the life of someone... in this case my good sleep!!!
It was around 3am... and I was in the most deep dream... the one that you don't remember because you just slept so damn good!!! sighs... and my pager rang...
First step... I didn't wake up, nut I started to dream... and in my dream I heard some strange noise and some light and this noise was after me... and I was scared!!!! Then... in the secondsted I woke up... SCARED TO DEATH... looking for something... trying to understand what was happening... and finally I realized... the pager
So... after solve the problem... that I won't describe here because such question didn't deserve wake me up but did, so I will content myself in not passing around, sighs... after the pager I only had nightmares and slept really bad!!!

But, that's not the title of my entry!!! The title of my entry is the call that I receive in the morning (in my mind, since I had such a terrible night!!! but it was really at 12:40pm) from my boyfriend!!! It made my day!!!!
If I smiled the rest of the day and I tried to forget the huge headache that I had because of the lack of sleep it was because of this call!!!

(PS.: you know I Love you...)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Back from Alaska

We are back from Alaska...

We arrived in Chicago on friday morning after a very nice trip!!! 3 unforgetble weeks in Alaska... and imagine... with views like this one... a perfect "honey moon"... *blush*

Alaska is great!!! and I think this trip had everything... good and bad whether... good camping, difficult camping... some days with hot shower and bed... even cable TV (hihihi), boat trips, propelo plane... some hard hiking, some not so hard hiking... incredibles views and wonderful sunsets...

So, keep an eye because every day I will write a bit telling about our 3 weeks in Alaska with, of course, some pictures to illustrate my best trip ever!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Anchorage, Alaska

Well, yesterday Pieter and I arrived in Alaska...
The fligh was good. 6 hours... most of the time cloud, but we were able to see the moon behind and the sunset in front of us... Very nice.
And also, when arring over Alaska, we saw some glaciers.

Pieter's uncles went to the airport to pick us up and drove us to their place. We are going to be here till sunday, when we are going to pick the train to Denali Park!

The city is quite nice, and guess what? it is a normal city ;-) hehehe
While driving last night I checked tatoo store, Mc Donnalds, shopping malls, SEARS... and people living around!
Wow... people really live in alaska!!! :-D

Today we drove around the city... we went to see a movie about Alaska and their animals and their natives! I was nice!

Sighs... Sunday is up to Denali!!! Let's see if I survive from 15 days hiking and camping!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

vending machines

I just hate this vending machines... They only really work if you have coins... with bills it always has a problem... no bill, except when just given by the bank, it is in PERFECT STATE...

So now... I am here... in my office, fighting with my jobs (compiling, compiling, error, error...) with an URGE for coke (soda caffeine... sighs...), without coins and that STUPID vending machine doesn't accept none of my bill... sighs...

back to work, without coke...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Last day

Today is my last shift!!!! :-D

And I was thinking that I would have a good (smooth and boring) shift, but noooooo, while my friends are having fun watching (a ,probably, nice) dvd... I am here!!! in the CR (oh... I made a note in one of my entries to bring the camera, but I forgot.... but... I enter some 'nice' figures in my foto page that shows how bor... er... important is this shift...) Stopping run, pausing, resume... sending sclinit... call expert... (at least is not a daq problem... hihihi)... Hummm, but now I think is everything fine and running smooth again... and anyway... It is my very last daq shifter (unfortunately not my last shift because I still have fpd, sighs...)

But... before come here I had a nice dinner with my friends (Helena made a nice food... hummm) and a blueberry pie as dessert :-)

Now, I will try to work a bit (since yesterday I've spent my whole shift trying to do a stupid plot and the only thing that I was able to do was a mean less selection... sighs...)

Oh... and just to laugh a bit... I will put a cartoon that I just saw and... well...

it is true... it is sooooooo unfair when you don't find a sale shoes in your size... hihihi

Friday, August 12, 2005

...sighs... sweet grad life...

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am completely boring in my shifts... and the strange thing is that isn't a too boring shift... I had something to do about the "taking care of data flow" and I am not even sleepy (not too much at least), but I just can't work and I am soooooooooo but sooooooo bored...

I don't have any idea how it will be the rest of my day... so much to do... and still sleep to be prepare for one more night... sighs... But, anyway... letting what it will be for the future... living the present (even if it is be boring in here - I should remember to bring the camera and take a picture from the CR...) I just "came" here to make a note about two movies that I was thinking about today/yesterday (in my own inner shift-time):

*Devil's Advocate: The whole movie is incredible... all Al Pacino lines are fantastic but the final discourse is the best! But there is one line that I will put here:
"Free will. It's like butterfly wings. Once touched, they never get off the ground. No. I only set the stage. You pull your own strings."-> People just have to remember of their 'free will' before blame their 'destine' .

*Meet Joe Black: This is a movie that shows so well how life can be so great that even The Death wanted to live!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Today, after my shift (I mean, tomorrow, since now is already 5:39 from weds, and what happened, had happened at 9:30am from tues...
See it? This is the worse from the owl shifts, you really loose track of the days... because your shift is in the next day... hummm, This doesn't look make too much sense like writing it down, but it does a lot when you think about! You are like... doing it from 0:00 to 8:00 on tues... then you sleep and wake up still on tues but you go to work on weds... grrr... wow...)

Well, now I can understand why I spent like 15min wondering about the "difference" between the coffe cup and the tea cup from Dunkin Donuts... because my mind was already sleeping but my eyes were open... (just like now...)

hummm incredible how when you start to wonder about something your mind can just go on and on without stop! on and on...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


This last weekend (in fact, sunday and monday) Pieter and I went to somewhere in Wisconsin, before Madison, to hike and camp.

We've left from Il on sunday morning, around 7:00am, and drove till "there" by free ways... what was very nice... the way was fast and with lot's of trees in both sides of the way... so we didn't suffer so much with the sun (it was a very hot weekend)

When we arrive at the camp site, first we were thinking in spend the night in a backpacking shelter... but the trail till the shelter area was only 10min, with lot's of mosquitos and the area around the shelter besides the fact of lack of water wasn't nice to put the tend... so in the end we've decided to stay in a more conventional camp area...

After registering in we started our walk... our 8hs walk... Enough time to get almost eaten by insects... almost die from thirsty and also to get lost!... hihihi, but in the end was everything fine... we found water (thanks Pieter, my hero! ;-) ) and our way back...
Apart from the hot sun and the not expected lost... it was a very nice walk... we stopped sometimes, sit on the floor or on rocks on shadows... drunk some orange juice/water and took some pictures...
And in the night, around 8:00 we've put the tend... a very nice small tend, for two people... We've slept sooo well!!!

On monday morning we went to Madison (that city is so nice), walk around a bit... and came back...

And now I am "here", doing shifts, again... with mosquitos bites all around my body and my legs hurting... but with good memories of a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

go and squash

Last week Pieter tried to teach me how to play go... but I have to confess that I didn't like the game very much,in fact I think it is a bit boring... (I think this let him a bit upset... sorry... but I have to "see" things that I know I will NEVER be able to see :-( )
ok, ok... sighs... but I will try once more (with feeling'... some "Buffy fa...natic joke)... things we do for love... hihihihi -> so I can train... ;-)

I also started to learn how to play squash!!! I really liked! It is a very nice and fun game! And it is a good exercise... the only problem is that I was completely broken after the game... but I really liked :-)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My birthday

Saturday was my birthday!!! (July 23rd)
Later today I will put some pictures in my web and maybe in here
I did a Hawaii Party!!! It was very nice! Good drinks, nice people, good music...
We had a great time

It was a wonderful day! First, I did nothing the whole morning... then some party shopping (and this remember me that on friday I also did party shopping and after that had some margueritas!!! hummm, nothing better than have a good time with friends...)... but continuing... then after party shopping was time to prepare the snacks and the house for the party!!!

We had hot dogs... chips and tuna sause... and for drink "sex on the beach", tequila sunrise, (thanks Pieter) margueritas (Pieter and Bram) and "batida de pessego (myself)!

Hummm, it was a great evening :-)

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Today I am in a very good mood!!!!

I spent some part of time playing a nice game (it is very old... in fact not that old, only 25, 26 years old ;-)) it is called Zork ( It is great but addictive! hihihi

I slept very well and enough... ahhh, and had a great breakfast... it is so nice when someone makes breakfast for you! :-D even better if it is someone special for you... *sighs*...


hummm, Yesterday I did some modifications in my reports and then I let "some people" happy... The only "problem" is that now I have to work more on this... sighs... hehhe, it never ends... when am I going to say "I am done!"? hihihi

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Friend's day!!!

Today is friend's day!!!

So, to all my friends:

the evolution of the day

So... today I woke so much better and for a short time thinking that things will get better...
You know how it is... suddenly you have "faith" again and you stop cursing everything and say "from now on..."

yes... this is the eternal joke of life: when this happen... usually something, something showing that you are wrong, happen!

yep... right, so all my hopes for a better day were threw away!!!! :-( and here I am, again in the CR, doing shifts (boring to death), nothing happen, but... in a even worse position, with tons and tons of work to finish... because some crazy one drunk too much coffee!!!


the joke of life!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Entry

So... apparently my blog is working now!

Hummm, I hate this font, but in fact I hated all the others also... sighs... at least I could use a nice color...

Let me see... it is monday... I am doing boring shifts... I have a really bad hang over after drink "not that much" and in the end of the week I will be older... wow!!! This will be a looooong week!!! sighs...

Finally also, after two weeks postponing some work, today I did some tests, just to be sure that whatever doesn't work... very good!!!

Hummm, hopefully the week will get better, as well my head, my mood and my focus to work!!

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