Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Call

I had a horrible night!!!
I was so tired and I thought that I would be able to sleep like a baby... and I was right if it wasn't the pager. Some horrible device created to disturb the life of someone... in this case my good sleep!!!
It was around 3am... and I was in the most deep dream... the one that you don't remember because you just slept so damn good!!! sighs... and my pager rang...
First step... I didn't wake up, nut I started to dream... and in my dream I heard some strange noise and some light and this noise was after me... and I was scared!!!! Then... in the secondsted I woke up... SCARED TO DEATH... looking for something... trying to understand what was happening... and finally I realized... the pager
So... after solve the problem... that I won't describe here because such question didn't deserve wake me up but did, so I will content myself in not passing around, sighs... after the pager I only had nightmares and slept really bad!!!

But, that's not the title of my entry!!! The title of my entry is the call that I receive in the morning (in my mind, since I had such a terrible night!!! but it was really at 12:40pm) from my boyfriend!!! It made my day!!!!
If I smiled the rest of the day and I tried to forget the huge headache that I had because of the lack of sleep it was because of this call!!!

(PS.: you know I Love you...)

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