Thursday, September 22, 2005

Don't let for tomorrow what you can do today!!!

yes yes yes... parents always say this to their children, so the children do their homework and soon as possible... (as if it works)...
"C'mon... do your homework now and then you will be free later"...
Who wants to be free later? Kids want to be free now, play now... and then when they are tired, when all the plays don't excite anymore... THEN they can do the homework... (not that really works... because then they are tired, they have to sleep and it is too late!!!)
Yeah... you don't want do it now but later is not safe... in the end parents are right!!!

yep... they are right because they know better! Not because they are parents, but because they already let to later their homework, or because they are letting to later some problem...

You do when you are kid.. and then people continue to do when they "grow up" (in between "" because some NEVER really grow up :-P)...
It is so true... and then happened with me this week!

I came back from a 3 weeks holiday... So I have lots of catch up to do with my work... somehow I was unable to "catch up" with the one whom should help me till today (this is the part that is not my fault...) but then, together I let for later the OTHER work... the one that I've should and could done now... but I didn't!!! I found something better to work on... or somewhere to go and have fun! And after a good night of fun with brazilian song I got home and "ok, let's just check my mail" and I have the message "You have to present!!! You have to have work done THIS week to present next week!!!" and also... finish the other work!!!

Sh$#%...&*it!!! I should have done before... so I will do this now!
I tried... it crashed... should I do the other one then now? Or should I go do some work out?
I decide that I do it now and not later!!! So I went to do some work out!!!! of course :-P

And that was good!
So... in the end... you don't really let to do later... you just do something that you can do it now... the one that gives you more pleasure! C'mon... it sure makes sense... I did work out now and not later... the kid plays now and not later!!!

So... now I will decide between now work or now go to a bar? hu hu?

And, btw... someone told me that I've been writing some silly things in my blog... and I felt so *blushed* and embarrassed that I had decide not to write anything silly anymore!!!
But... since I learnt today (last night) that I should do now and not later!!! (even if according with my discourse the question is not now and later but what do you want to do now and what later... since you are not going to regret it later ;-) )
Since I have to do now and not later... I will give myself the right of been silly NOW that I can I have good reasons for... than later... that I don't know how it will be, I have no sure... I can just plan and hope!!!
So now... I can be silly and I am silly because I am in love!!!

Kisses to everyone and a huge kiss for you!!! ( *;-)* *:-P* *blush*)

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