Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Collaboration Week

So... This week is the D0 Collaboration Meeting week!
It is everyone going crazy with their own talks and work!!! Good that on top of that today is Helena's birthday (Happy Birthday Heleninha!!!), so we can have a break to get together, relax and maybe not talk about work (what is too difficult to happen when a bunch of physicist are put together ;-))

It is something... even with my boyfriend I could notice that instead of talk about nice stuffs and "I miss you" I was talking about work! "I did this I did that is missing this..." almost without breath...

But ok! Now I have almost everything setup... and next week I can upload more pictures from my last trip (that I didn't do it up till now because my web page were with problems... but now looks fine!)

ok... again, stopping here, because I now have the strange habit to write too much!!! I start thinking in something and then my mind starts to flow around all my thoughts... and I keep thinking and writing... and so and so and so on...

Well, since is Collaboration week, here is a fig of something that I am working!

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