Friday, June 16, 2006

Taking a break of my curls

I was born to have straight hair...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Feliz Dia dos Namorados

Originally uploaded by Pieter van den Berg.
For all those following the brazillian calendar... ;-)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Meu Inferno Astral (Astral Hell)


Ok... I know that if you do believe in this I am still 14 days far from my astral hell... but still maybe this is just the preview!

Wasn't enough the fact that I will turn 27 (3 to 30!!! can you imagine the drama I will make when I come to 30! :-O ) so... wasn't enough THEN have the Astral Hell!!!

That started last weekend!!! so... I have my problems... and I can't stop everything and deal with them (well, I think is a common problem of all human being!!! what a gift!) so I had to deal with it at my way... and still work... maybe the work is my hell... but sometimes is my paradise! :-S
nha... this is not really a complain... this is how life it is (and could be worse... but it isn't!!! :-D I am thankfull to that!)

So... I did deal with it! people can think that is not a good way... I want them to screw!!! it works... and if I don't deal by myself would you deal it for me? hell no ah?! ;-) I though so ;-)

So... I spent three days inside my room... windows shut! (of course I went out my room to eat and take a shower... duh!) and still I was working... (work shut in my room is not that different that work in my office! in fact is MUCH BETTER!!! I don't have to get that damn bus... suffer with the hot weather... and PLUS I can shut and "unshut" my window, WITH A VIEW. what I don't have at my office)!

So instead of look like I am depressed in my house... is just seem like I am relaxing in confy pj's at my room! ;-)
That was good! Great in fact!

Then... yesterday.... passed the storn... I went out... went to the gym more specifically! that was good!!! the cicle class was great!!! and today I made my avaliation! (aha! 1.66m with 58Kg ;-) yeah... life is good sometimes!)

then a movie!!! yes Sir... I know how to please myself ;-)

;-) Astral Hell for you? I am out of mine even before had started!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

It's not so bad...


Today I had one of those days when you think "Hell, it can't get worse..."
nha... no... I am exagerating... even why... I don't believe it CAN'T get worse... it ALAWYS can!

but... anyaway... ah... so in fact... yeah... it wasn't that bad... :-P

This is for you... (you know you! ;-) Love you!!! xxx X!)

My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why
I got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window
and I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be grey,
but your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad,
it's not so bad

I drank too much last night, got bills to pay,
my head just feels in pain
I missed the bus and there'll be hell today,
I'm late for work again
And even if I'm there, they'll all imply
that I might not last the day
And then you call me and it's not so bad,
it's not so bad and

I want to thank you
for giving me the best day of my life
Oh just to be with you
is having the best day of my life

Push the door, I'm home at last
and I'm soaking through and through
Then you hand me a towel
and all I see is you
And even if my house falls down,
I wouldn't have a clue
Because you're near me and

I want to thank you
for giving me the best day of my life
Oh just to be with you
is having the best day of my life
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