Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My birthday

Saturday was my birthday!!! (July 23rd)
Later today I will put some pictures in my web and maybe in here
I did a Hawaii Party!!! It was very nice! Good drinks, nice people, good music...
We had a great time

It was a wonderful day! First, I did nothing the whole morning... then some party shopping (and this remember me that on friday I also did party shopping and after that had some margueritas!!! hummm, nothing better than have a good time with friends...)... but continuing... then after party shopping was time to prepare the snacks and the house for the party!!!

We had hot dogs... chips and tuna sause... and for drink "sex on the beach", tequila sunrise, (thanks Pieter) margueritas (Pieter and Bram) and "batida de pessego (myself)!

Hummm, it was a great evening :-)

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Today I am in a very good mood!!!!

I spent some part of time playing a nice game (it is very old... in fact not that old, only 25, 26 years old ;-)) it is called Zork (http://www.forkexec.com/html/play-zork1.html). It is great but addictive! hihihi

I slept very well and enough... ahhh, and had a great breakfast... it is so nice when someone makes breakfast for you! :-D even better if it is someone special for you... *sighs*...


hummm, Yesterday I did some modifications in my reports and then I let "some people" happy... The only "problem" is that now I have to work more on this... sighs... hehhe, it never ends... when am I going to say "I am done!"? hihihi

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Friend's day!!!

Today is friend's day!!!

So, to all my friends:

the evolution of the day

So... today I woke so much better and for a short time thinking that things will get better...
You know how it is... suddenly you have "faith" again and you stop cursing everything and say "from now on..."

yes... this is the eternal joke of life: when this happen... usually something, something showing that you are wrong, happen!

yep... right, so all my hopes for a better day were threw away!!!! :-( and here I am, again in the CR, doing shifts (boring to death), nothing happen, but... in a even worse position, with tons and tons of work to finish... because some crazy one drunk too much coffee!!!


the joke of life!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Entry

So... apparently my blog is working now!

Hummm, I hate this font, but in fact I hated all the others also... sighs... at least I could use a nice color...

Let me see... it is monday... I am doing boring shifts... I have a really bad hang over after drink "not that much" and in the end of the week I will be older... wow!!! This will be a looooong week!!! sighs...

Finally also, after two weeks postponing some work, today I did some tests, just to be sure that whatever doesn't work... very good!!!

Hummm, hopefully the week will get better, as well my head, my mood and my focus to work!!

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