Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My birthday

Saturday was my birthday!!! (July 23rd)
Later today I will put some pictures in my web and maybe in here
I did a Hawaii Party!!! It was very nice! Good drinks, nice people, good music...
We had a great time

It was a wonderful day! First, I did nothing the whole morning... then some party shopping (and this remember me that on friday I also did party shopping and after that had some margueritas!!! hummm, nothing better than have a good time with friends...)... but continuing... then after party shopping was time to prepare the snacks and the house for the party!!!

We had hot dogs... chips and tuna sause... and for drink "sex on the beach", tequila sunrise, (thanks Pieter) margueritas (Pieter and Bram) and "batida de pessego (myself)!

Hummm, it was a great evening :-)

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  1. Poxa, queria ver as fotos dessa Hawaii Party... Tudo é temático aí é? Deve ter sido bacana hein?! Pelo menos combustível para ser legal, pelo que vc descreveu, não faltou!


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