Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Entry

So... apparently my blog is working now!

Hummm, I hate this font, but in fact I hated all the others also... sighs... at least I could use a nice color...

Let me see... it is monday... I am doing boring shifts... I have a really bad hang over after drink "not that much" and in the end of the week I will be older... wow!!! This will be a looooong week!!! sighs...

Finally also, after two weeks postponing some work, today I did some tests, just to be sure that whatever doesn't work... very good!!!

Hummm, hopefully the week will get better, as well my head, my mood and my focus to work!!



  1. hummm, nothing better than eat someting good to make your day better...
    hummm, no, even better when you receive a visit of your boyfriend!


    it made my day... sighs...

  2. today's a "humm..." day i think ;-)

    so see you later tonight aninha :-)


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