Thursday, December 04, 2008

how cheerful...

The researcher's life is a very hard one!
I know better than this!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas is here

This is my view during the day!!! 
Gray sky and a construction that seems never ending... 
(at least I now have some cute plants to bring me a smile ;-) )

But... when I go back home, everything light up... even in the cold early dark days of Amsterdam...
Christmas is here!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

which season are we?

The winter is suppose to start only around the 20 of December and this is just the first week of it!!!But, it is not only cold!!! All the nice cute fall trees are already dead! The lasted too short!

Today I came in to work with my camera to make some pictures of the cute yellow leaves but they are all gone... and all trees have that dead look on them!
I feel in one of those horror movies! With dead trees, gray sky and crows!!!

Anyway... at least I was able to make a pictures of a rainbow today... 
I've took this pictures from my living room... just after killing a spider that wanted to nest in my favorite boot!!! (burn in hell for that you stupid spider!!! :P ) and before started raining making my ride to work a "refreshing" one!!!

The weather today is completely crazy!
Blue sky, rainbow, gray sky, rain and blue again!!!


Monday, December 01, 2008

I am a physicist

So... to make my lunch time more interesting I've watched the Big Bang Theory... (I did need!!! My lunch was one of those noodles package and just kill time while the bank wasn't open yet!)... anyway...

In this episode (2.08) Leonard has this new girlfriend and they are having dinner together (and getting ready for the desert...) when she asks him: "How was your work today?"

And, for my entertainment he answers:
"I am a physicist... so thought about stuff..."

she asks: "really? that's all?"

For what he answers:
"Some of them I wrote it down!"

I couldn't have my work described better!
Plus... is a plus on the "I read and wrote emails!"

So... excuse me my fellow readers... but I need to think some stuff more... and maybe I will even write them down ;-)


... I wonder why...

I just wonder WHY!!!!???
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