Monday, December 01, 2008

I am a physicist

So... to make my lunch time more interesting I've watched the Big Bang Theory... (I did need!!! My lunch was one of those noodles package and just kill time while the bank wasn't open yet!)... anyway...

In this episode (2.08) Leonard has this new girlfriend and they are having dinner together (and getting ready for the desert...) when she asks him: "How was your work today?"

And, for my entertainment he answers:
"I am a physicist... so thought about stuff..."

she asks: "really? that's all?"

For what he answers:
"Some of them I wrote it down!"

I couldn't have my work described better!
Plus... is a plus on the "I read and wrote emails!"

So... excuse me my fellow readers... but I need to think some stuff more... and maybe I will even write them down ;-)

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