Friday, February 22, 2008

correcting my previous statement

So... I need to correct my previous statement!!!
The weather is not better at all!!! :-(
ok ok ok... we had some few nice days with sun in the sky (on the days that I had decided start a "running" training on the park close by here...)... but today, I was planing to bike till the gym for my tour and have a nice evening in the center... but now I don't anymore...

We are back on the gray rainy days!!! rain rain rain
I am made of sugar!!! I could melt :-P


getting adjusted

I am now living in NL for one month and something... but I am still getting used with lots of things...

First is the bike!!! At least is not raining anymore, so is "easier" to bike... But it's still pretty cold! So, I don't bike too much! Plus... since I am leaving right in front my work (really, right in front, is just cross the street) I don't really need to be biking all around (it is only extremely needed if we go to the center and decide to come back after the last bus... but there are always taxis anyway! :-P)

Other thing is the weather, even though everyone claims is not that cold... it is pretty cold, even more if you left BRASIL during SUMMER!!! Anyway... at least now, as I said before is not raining so much... so is good!!! and plus there having been some sunny days! :-D

While leaving in Pieter's old house we did have TV... and I was able to choose my favorite channel (Veronica)... there were other ones (they are good depending in how many series and new/good movies they show) but TV here is really bad!!! Its all OLD!
But for worst it could be... I MISS IT!!! Now in our new house we don't have TV!!! (cause some stupid mistake our flat came without TV cable... we didn't buy yet and the company didn't give us either... sighs)
So... while getting adjusted to the fact that I have NO TV :-( (well, at least we have some movies to watch! :-D ) I got addicted to It's such a chick lit weblog/mail but so good that I've just ordered the book!!! :D :D :D hahahahahha

But to finalize... I finally found a radio station that I liked... radio here is also real bad (is worse than France... I like radio there!!! even their music). But... I finally found a good one (the songs are kind of old... but good.... I just don't know about the ads, since I don't speak dutch (not yet!!!!)) It is.... the VERONICA station (97.8)... yeah yeah just like the TV channel... all old! But the best! ;-)

So... I am off now... need to go to work...
Till next time! ;-)
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