Thursday, December 04, 2008

how cheerful...

The researcher's life is a very hard one!
I know better than this!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas is here

This is my view during the day!!! 
Gray sky and a construction that seems never ending... 
(at least I now have some cute plants to bring me a smile ;-) )

But... when I go back home, everything light up... even in the cold early dark days of Amsterdam...
Christmas is here!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

which season are we?

The winter is suppose to start only around the 20 of December and this is just the first week of it!!!But, it is not only cold!!! All the nice cute fall trees are already dead! The lasted too short!

Today I came in to work with my camera to make some pictures of the cute yellow leaves but they are all gone... and all trees have that dead look on them!
I feel in one of those horror movies! With dead trees, gray sky and crows!!!

Anyway... at least I was able to make a pictures of a rainbow today... 
I've took this pictures from my living room... just after killing a spider that wanted to nest in my favorite boot!!! (burn in hell for that you stupid spider!!! :P ) and before started raining making my ride to work a "refreshing" one!!!

The weather today is completely crazy!
Blue sky, rainbow, gray sky, rain and blue again!!!


Monday, December 01, 2008

I am a physicist

So... to make my lunch time more interesting I've watched the Big Bang Theory... (I did need!!! My lunch was one of those noodles package and just kill time while the bank wasn't open yet!)... anyway...

In this episode (2.08) Leonard has this new girlfriend and they are having dinner together (and getting ready for the desert...) when she asks him: "How was your work today?"

And, for my entertainment he answers:
"I am a physicist... so thought about stuff..."

she asks: "really? that's all?"

For what he answers:
"Some of them I wrote it down!"

I couldn't have my work described better!
Plus... is a plus on the "I read and wrote emails!"

So... excuse me my fellow readers... but I need to think some stuff more... and maybe I will even write them down ;-)


... I wonder why...

I just wonder WHY!!!!???

Thursday, November 27, 2008

welcome to my life

Sunday, November 02, 2008


My name is Ana Carolina and I am addicted... to mahjong!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winter is here...

... in fact, I am not sure that it is already winter officially, but I am hoping it is... cause I can't get colder than this!

It's 5C now! And every night when I bike back from work with my ears freezing (only that... cause gladly I have awesome gloves and the rest of the body gets warmed up by the biking exercise...) it's around 2C with "frozen" car's windows and deep dark as if it was something like 3am...

BUT I have something good to say about winter! No... I am not going to say that I like winter better than summer!!! I love sun... and if sweat is a side effect... nothing that a few more showers can't solve it... :-P
Anyway... the good thing is that, if is NOT raining... bike is much nicer!!!!
Yes, it is true! 

I was biking to work yesterday... it was a clear day... I had my leather jacket... warm boots and gloves... soon enough I was enjoying my ride... and THE MOST IMPORTANT... there are NO insects flying in your direction, aiming to your eye!!! Biking in winter IS much better! :-D

Other nice thing... IF doesn't rain, is that the wind doesn't blow that much harder as during middle seasons!!!

So... despite the fact that is cold (but nothing that a few more clothes won't solve it :-P IF it doesn't rain) and that soon I need to find a better hat (otherwise my ears are going to froze) I am, in fact, enjoying this begin of winter! Even the biking around!

(but if it rains... or I hibernate or I need better transportation than my bike...)

Friday, October 24, 2008

back to the cold and rainy weather

Ah... I miss home!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Cariocas são bonitos
cariocas são bacanas
cariocas são sacanas
cariocas são dourados
cariocas são modernos
cariocas são espertos
cariocas são diretos
cariocas não gostam de dias nublados

Cariocas nascem bambas
cariocas nascem craques
cariocas têm sotaque
cariocas são alegres
cariocas são atentos
cariocas são tão sexys
cariocas são tão claros
cariocas não gostam de sinal fechado

I am still wondering how can I survive in ams???!!!
At least, amsterdam is the cooler city of the world... this should compensate for cloudy-forever days...

ah... I love my Rio!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The birthday gift

So... as you know I am on vacation in Rio!!! :-D
Have said that, I won´t be posting here for sometime, cause I have to enjoy this short time of real sun!!!

BUT today I do need to make an entry... today I received my brother´s birthday gift: a wakeboard lesson!!!

It was great!!!

I won´t have time to put all the pictures online, not yet, cause they were around 200 (1hr for me, one hour for my brother)... but I will do leave some here, so you can have some taste ;-)

Enjoy it!
I did! :-)
jumping on the water...

first try... trying to get up...

standing up...

but down...

... now I am in control!

and with only one hand!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Big Bang Theory II

I've just watched the third episode of this second season...
I have only one things to say:
Go see it too!


this looks more promising...

10C of difference... but now close to the 30C ;-)

Monday, October 06, 2008


And the prospect for the weekend is not better!!!
In fact... I can just look forward for a "partly cloud" next week... sighs...

I wanna sit and cry!!!

... the only bright side of the weather... is that at least I am looking forward for rain in 10C above NL average...

ai ai...

news now and then...

... then, I was in Romania... then in Zeeland, just check it out at:

... now, I am preparing myself to go take some time off at my home town :-) ... so, until I am back, guess this blog will be quiet... but the fotopages might see some action ;-)

I see no better way to say hello to the, forever here, dutch fall/winter, than with a break in the spring/summer in Rio! :-D


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Supernatural is back!

And as far the road goes... this season is proving to have come to be the best!

I love it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"that's the beauty of it"

Leonard: We need to widen our circle.
Sheldon: I have a very wide circle. I have 212 friends on myspace.
Leonard: Yes, and you’ve never met one of them.
Sheldon: That’s the beauty of it.

by The Big Bang Theory

I was just watching (again) the pilot of the AWESOME series... and I have to say: 
the best ep ever!!!

I can't wait till the new eps start again :-D

If there is one thing I can smile for the end of the summer... is the come back from my series... (this and the bugs going away...)

got go...

I hate bugs!

It is becoming to get pretty cold again... so I guess it is time for those @$#&!@ insects to disappear from the bike pass!!! :@

Today there was cloud of small insects on the way to work and AGAIN one of those got into my eye!!!

It is a horrible feeling and I guess it can bring infections for this VERY sensitive area... :@
And it doesn't matter what other people might say, is NOT AT ALL like to put a contact lenses in your eyes, when you have to finger your eyes to fish for a dead insect in it!!!! :@

I HATE BUGS!!!!! (all kinds of it :P)

Monday, September 15, 2008


... but with a bright sunny sky!

Like this... I don't even complain about the cold... as long it doesn't rain, I can wear some few extra layers ;-)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

and winter is back again...

... to tell the truth is not winter YET... is fall... but is like a preview of what awaits in store!

So... after the lack of summer, I can count in one hand (with luck 2) how many REAL sunny days I enjoyed here... (here in NL, Greece doesn't count!)
Beach only completely dressed and with some coat on the side (and an umbrella for the end of the day)
And talking about umbrella... how it rains here!!!
I know I know... rain is always a reason for complaining... but this is not like a whole january rainy in Brazil, what is like "sh*t now we will only have 10 (or 9 if we exclude the wither month) months of good weather"... Here it rains almost every day!
And having the bike as a way of transportation, rain is NOT your best friend...

I know I know... I am back in my complaining mode... but come on... it rains, it is cold and BAM I got a horrible cold!!! :-( I have reasons to complain... and worst... from now on, "sunny" days will be the days without rain and with a maximum of 20C!

Sighs... I just hope I get some good weather in my next Rio trip ;-)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

... and life goes on...

And life goes on...
Today while I was biking my way to my work... I was thinking in how my life changed so much in the course of the last 10 years... and how much I myself changed!
And amuse... I don't believe people can change... but maybe I should rethink about that!

So... lets see... ten years ago? 1998 My second year in college! And it was also when I've decided to start working in high energy physics...
But by that time... I had a very simple plan... finish college, get a PhD degree... and wait for an opening position somewhere in Brazil... (preferable in Rio... but I would be happy in another state too...)

5 years later I was flighting to Chicago... to spend sometime at Fermilab... as part of my PhD course...
I was very excited... I always wanted to go to US (unlike most of people say... yes... I wanted to go... spend a long time out... and know new places... plus I like to consume and where better to be?)
I've been in Geneva two years before, and had like it quite a lot! So I was looking forward for a similar but still different experience!

Well well... time past by... and this sometime ended up in two years... living in a suburb of Chicago... feeling cold most of the time...
But also... it was lot of fun... I went with two very good friends of mine... but that in that time, we weren't good friends... we just knew each other and were starting to get to know better (I mean... me and them... they were already friends...)
And we went along very well... I really like them!
Plus we made new friends there!!! :-D
And we party! and we drunk... and we had delusions but most of the time... we did have fun and we learned quite a lot!

And... of course... most important... I found love!

Then... 2006 and I was back in Rio!
How I've missed home and my family!!! :-D I was happy... but half of me... (maybe more) was sad... I've missed... (no... not the suburb) it missed my baby...

And... PhD... it is harder than you can imagine...
You get frustrated most of the time... and when you are almost in the end... it doesn't get better... but much more stressful...

Still... changes... yes... I've changed...
Some can not say... but I did get more relaxed after living in US...
At least for a long time, I was feeling too frustrated when things didn't go according with plan... (unfortunately... just to agree with my way of think that people don't change... this didn't last too long... and nowadays... I still find myself fighting and cursing... (life?) when plans don't work out!)
I've learned how to deal with people!
I use to say I am a little anti-social... I am in fact shy... and talk is so difficult for me...
But deal with friends is something... is how you deal with the rest what was a new skill acquired...
Plus... being a bit vain... I've got my curls back :P hahahaha

They weren't huge changes... just enough for the closest ones to notice...
But life did change!
The PLAN did change!
Here... I can say, things didn't went out according to plan!
BUT things did workout pretty well... so... I guess I new plan was made... and life goes on!

So... I've graduate... and I've got my PhD...
Now... things are not simple... you want to stay in your country... and I did want to be close to my family...
But I don't want beg for money... neither sell sandwiches on the beach to be able to fund my research...
Also... US stopped been a dream Country a long time ago... and get there is getting harder and harder...

So... new doors opened to me... and I entered!
Now... 10 years later... 3 experiments later...
And I am living in Amsterdam and working in astrophysics... (my 4th experiment... the first in a different area... all... looking for muons!!!)

Here... I'd change the most!
Here... I've lost my interest for TV! (dutch TV is the worst I ever saw... )
Here... I've got back my love for bikes... Some might not know... But yes... I did love bike!!! In fact, while young kid I was biking everywhere (until the grocery street anyway) and after that I wasn't able anymore to bile anywhere in Rio (yeah... I know people bike... but I like my life...) and I really missed
I know I've complained a lot in the begin but now... I really enjoy going biking everywhere!!!
I've also got more relaxed with myself... I had a time in college where I became so girlie... and all my colors should match... No... I didn't stop being girlie... but I stop worrying till death about matches... and I learned how to play with colors...
I also lost the obsession for perfect hair... and let it go... (but I still obsess with color! :P )
My obsession with nails it comes and goes... but now that I don't live like a princess anymore... it is going...

Oh! I'm sorry...
Maybe you are thinking I was going to make more grownup comments about my life!
Yeah yeah... there are grownup improvements too... but they are more part of a private life! :-P

Today... I just feel happy and relaxed to where I am (still with half of me sad... missing my family... but hey! At least, unlike in my time in US I can go there more easily to see them... at least, twice a year!!! :-D )
Today I feel more grownup... lest picky with myself... and growing in my carrier!

... and life goes on...
it doesn't matter what did you plan... it does matter if where you are now is making you happy?
I am happy here!
I hate my job sometimes... (but if someone tells me it never does... it is lying!) but I am still here... so I might like something in it ;-) plus... I find it pretty cool!
Amsterdam is a cool place (even though is NOT Rio de Janeiro!!!!)
And I am with who I wan to be! (for the rest of my life...)

Where I am going to be in 10 years from now?
I don't know... and I certainly don't wanna think about it now... just hope I will be happy... and that the new plan will come as good as it can get ;-)

And you? where are you now?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

simple things that make us happy...

an expected phone call from home!!!


Friday, August 22, 2008

xkcd - Morgan Freeman - Wanted

Some days ago (maybe some weeks ago, I am not sure) I saw this awesome cartoon, from xkcd, about Morgan Freeman:

It made me smile... with the realization that this might be true!

Well well... I love movie theaters... no... not really the theaters per si (even though some are pretty cool)... but I really enjoy going to the theater and watching movies (I love movie night!) and I like all of it... buying the snacks... watching the trailers... and of course the chosen movie ;-)

Anyway... one of the trailers been shown, quite a lot, recently is the one about this new action movie, "Wanted" ( ... but, until yesterday I've been seeing "a" trailer with the dorky-chosen-to-be-hero guy talking about it... and I have to say... looks so lame...
Without taking into account that the main history is about this "society" of assassins who can "curve" the bullet!!!!
I am sorry... I am physicist... I CAN'T accept this! Is against my "religion"!

Anyway... yesterday in one of my movie night... it comes the wanted trailer... and:

It is mainly in the voice of Morgan Freeman!!!
How smart!!!
Now, I have to confess, that after this trailer, I even considered (for a few nano seconds) to give a try and watch the movie! Then, more than a smile came to my face... I had to laugh of the realization that the xkcd might be right!!!! It was so much more "comforting" that I even could forget how dumb they are...

My my...

Friday, August 01, 2008


According with my friendly sources... I've been complaining too much about the weather... I am in fact pretty luck, as I wasn't here for last years summer, which, it didn't really existed, or lasted only a week.

Well... probably true! Other day was so hot, that I was "praying" for some cooling down... The "pray" worked pretty well... the next morning was cooler... a little bit of rain, which lasted a few seconds... and the sun came back all strong and happy!

So I will enjoy more and complain less... (but if I learnt right... the complaining is what help!)


Pictures.... I've been posting some pretty nature pictures in my fotopages... so, if you (my readers... hehhe) don't find news here... go check out there ;-)


Last year, the Coca-Cola company sent out an advertisement (I saw this in Brazil, I don't know if it did happen everywhere...) that said more or less something like this:

"Do you know why did we change the color of the bottle? Neither do us!"

It was about the new Sprite bottle, which in a limited version wasn't being sold in a green bottle (which I don't find attractive at all! I already don't like sprite, and in that green bottle even less... nothing against green anyway) but t came in a blue bottle.
I don't know why they did it limited! It looked pretty good!
I was almost buying it just because of the bottle!!!! (what a shame... what a shame) but I didn't! I was stronger than the dark force of the advertisement... (too bad they moved back to the green bottle... maybe instead of a freak fan of coke, I would be now drinking tons of sprite in blue bottles... hahahha)

Anyway... still in the advertisement subject, and getting to a conclusion... This year the dark force of the advertisement got me weak and I did buy a product after tons of advertisements about it! (and I don't even have a TV, yeah, that's right... and you know what is more amazing, for me at least... is that I don't really miss it that much! except for "Lost", "Supernatural" and "The Big Bang Theory", I don't even miss the other soap series that much anymore... what a change, what a change...) ... anyway....
At all the restrooms doors on the Pathe movie theater and before all the trailers start... they show this advertisement for the new branch of the Dove soaps... "go fresh"
After so many of then, I got myself buying the "go fresh" "a touch of fresh" cucumber with green tea smell!
And, I have to say... I love it!!!! It is amazing!
The whole bathroom smells so fresh after a shower!!!

I am not ashamed of this one ;-)
a good smell is worth the dark powers of the advertisement ;-)

till next one!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

African cuisine

Friday evening... time to relax! ;-)

I came home after some hard work day ( :-P ) and had some drinks with Pieter while deciding where to go for dinner...

... two shots of cachaça with honey and lime later... we were biking our way to a mexican place....

... to our deception the mexican place was only a take away place... so we had to move our "plans" for the second option... an African restaurant.

There the food comes in a plate covered with delicious pancakes that we use to grab the food (instead of the usual utensils)... and what food it was.... It was amazing!!!
I loved it!!!!

What a lovely evening...
some more drinks later... and I can forget about any hard work at all ( :-P )

so... get envy of us with the picture of our delicious friday evening ;-)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the sky

The weather didn't get better, is still bellow 20C and at night, if the windows are open it freezes to the soul!

But at least we have some blue sky! ;-)
(or as blue as can get it :P )

Monday, July 21, 2008


12C, wind and rain!

Yes... this is summer in NL!


Friday, July 18, 2008

The best:


When I arrived home... tired and frustrated after my "working" day, Pieter had prepared me a bath!

Hot water, scent oleos... incense, candles, tea, candy and cookies... my book of the time... and some Vivaldi on the background! :-)

Ahhhh... Life can be so good!!! 
(I completely forgot about the fact that after the "right" cuts - whatever they are - I almost have no data left....) 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer is never coming...

As we are talking (Pieter and I) he suddenly asks me if I brought my toe rings... I answer "no"...
He then asks... "aw... why not?" and here is why: Summer is never coming!!!

When I last went ti Brazil I brought all my sandals since the weather was starting to get better but the promise of the summer it was just an illusion! It's not coming... and will never will!!!

Everyday is cold (thanks God, not like in January) but it is always cold... the constant is 17C and with some luck... we get to 20C

Now I wonder what am I going to do with all my sandals...

ah... I miss a real summer....

Friday, July 11, 2008

more flowers....

waking up is getting harder and harder

Thanks for the idea ;-)


ok ok ok... I have to confess that I am in love with my Mac!!! awwwww........ :-)

First of all, it is all shiny and cute!!! aha :-D (even been all white... I was for a long time in love with the black one... but this all white is very cute...)

Second... is all so easy!!!! :-O All the installations are very very easy!!! And I am not talking only easier than linux, where usually you need all kind of commands to be able to install anything (except for ubuntu which is the easiest of all linux I know...) but even easier than install a windows program for windows...
Here... it’s all “drag and install” tada!!!! it’s done! ;-)
And there is more... guess the commands... “if you think it can be easy like this... IT IS!”

I love my new Mac!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

getting used with a sea neutrino telescope e-log

Today, we saw a lizard (but this one was alive!) in the power hut. He was a little bigger than the dead one (was-it because he was not "grilled"?)

We will have tomorrow a call from the man of the "Museum d'histoire naturelle de Toulon". He will tell as if a lizard repulsive exists (we can not kill them as the “Tarentola mauritanica" is a protected race).

I "think" my new shifts are going to be so much more fun than pot insertion



... and so it is...

I was some days out off my office!
The last day I came in it was last weds... and since I wasnt coming back untill beging of this week, as every friday, I cleaned my desks and any garbage I could have around here...

And thursday I was flighting to Greece!
The time there was great!
There was real hot!!! (everyday was 30 to 33C, not the one day 26C and the rest of the month at 18C as ams...) anyway... news about Greece and the meeting happening there are coming in some other entry...

It happens that then, monday and tuesday I was a "ill" person and stayed at home... but I wanted to check some codes from home...
On monday I find out my pc is down!
On tuesday I manage to get someone from across the corridor to turn it on for me (as it was informed me my office mate turned it off cause some noise was bothering him...)

But now it comes the worse!
Today I arrive in my office to find it a complete mess!!!!
Ah... but that's not all!!! It gets worse!!! I WAS SMELLY!!!
In fact, smelly is a way too soft word for it!!!!


I thought someone or something have died in here!!! (un)fortunately I didnt find my office mate dead in the office... BUT I did find some dead rests of slime food on the garbage!!!
Getting rid of the garbage wasnt enough!!! The smell persisted!!!
I was imagining that I was going to die in here!!!

But thanks to power of an air freshener, handed me in by the facility people... I can breath again!!! breath again...

.... again....

or at least until my office mate come back!!!

sighs... it is this mess and this smelly and is not even above 20C yet... I "cant wait" until summer arrives!

stay tuned ;-)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Today (1st july), was a very hot day in ams!!!!

:-) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

How I am happy!!!!!!


Friday, June 27, 2008

biking my way through ams...

And so I am biking!

Yeah, that's right! And more and more I am enjoying as less and less I am complaining.

Sure, I still don't like the fact that the wind blows this strong and I have to "fight" to get anywhere... Also, I don't like the fact that bugs can come inside my eyes (yeah... really inside my eyes... this in fact did happen this week with me!!! awful experience, even worse from the experience of feeling a bee hitting my face, two weeks ago... I need glasses!!!!) ...
... but better not complain so much about bugs, if they are out, hitting my face and my eyes while I am happily biking, this is a sign that we do have nice and good weather (not as warm as I've wished, but good enough! ;-) )

Plus... after using buses to go to the center and tried it out with the bike, I have to admit: the freedom is amazing!

Freedom: is never have to wait for the next bus!!! ;-)

I can just leave at any time!!!

Ah... the joys of biking in the middle of the night... with no cars at all to share the street with you!

Yeah... I love bike, I have to admit!

Anyway... those are in fact, a bit of old news... since I am biking for some months now... the reason that I am posting it here now, is that I have a new bike! More like me! ;-)

Can you guess the color???




Yeah, right: PINK!

A. C.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How could I forgot...

... to let my readers know that I've got tickets to the new tour of Madonna!!!!

Now I am counting the days until September 2nd! ;-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hello hello...

So... two to three weeks ago, Pieter's family came to visit us... and we've decided to make them a Brazilian saturday evening... so we've made beans!!!

We had to run (bike) to the brazilian store to get all the ingredients in time (in a very tight window... since weekends are made to wake up late... and cause without the proper pan... the beans would take ages till get ready...)

But... all in time and the dinner came out! All nice and tasty! ;-)

And here I am sharing with you... MY BEANS!!!!

Anyway... last week was my aunt's birthday (Parabens tia Leinha!!!!) and, as usual, she made her famous FEIJOADA!!! (I am not jealous that I wasn't there... cause in May, I had preview just for me!!!! and what tasty!!!! but yeah... I am a bit sad about not been there for the party and celebration... More kisses tia!!!!! ;-) )

Back to the subject ... beans... after lunch today (what was finally good: tomato soup + bacon pancake!!!! :-D yeah... I am happy!)... my dearest cousin sent me some pictures of their feijoada!!! (I was glad I just had had lunch... but somehow... I think I am getting hungry again!)

So, for you... My aunt's beans!!!!

Now... I need some beans, farofa and caipirinha... the first one are frozen... so I will only be able to HAVE THEM by tomorrow... the second one... I still need to by the right ingredients for it... but the last item! ...

till next time!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

back on busniess

After a whole month without proper internet at home... I am finally back on business! ;-)
It was hard but ok... thanks to some unlocked wireless around the house and internet at work place... but "there is no place like home" :-P

Now that I am finally connected to the world again... I am back on the blog business ;-) ... I have tons of pictures to upload... so for the followers of my life (yeah, right... hihihi) I suggest a visit on the daily bases to my fotopages page ( it has all my new recent pictures.... since end of may... with little comments in portuguese and english...

Have fun and stay tunned for more news ;-)



It's going to be a long, hard road out of Hell waiting for Supernatural's fourth season to begin...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

back in NL

So... my vacation period is done! (yeah right :-P in fact... tomorrow I am going to Triste... then in two weekends I will go camping... and in mid june, to Paris... though... Paris I am going at work ;-) what a nice work... sometimes it pay off ;-))... anyway...
My Holliday season is really done for the next 5 months to come... Looking forward to October ;-)

Spending time in Rio was great! The weather wasn't all as I expected... but it was good enough... good to bring my color back!
See my family was amazing! going out together... + see friends and taste the good Brazilian food! :-D nhame!!!!

Now I am back in ams... and... I have to confess, talking about weather, I don't have to complain about it! It was coldish when I first arrived... around 16C but the weather just improved... and today we reached the 22C :-D

Tuesday I came biking to work... felt a bit cold with the wind... but not much in the way back... when btw, I subscribed to a gym close by! (after 2 weeks of feijoadas and cachacas... I need to loose some weight! :-S)
Today I came walking... incredibly close by! And under 22C... this time I felt no cold at all! ;-)

But... if I have nothing to complain about the weather... the same I can't say about the food! (don't miss understand me: Food at home is always good! and btw... now we have a juicer!!! juices at all the times!!!! :-D ) but the food at nikhef it just gets worse and worse... and as I just came back from my lunch time... (which was outside to enjoy the sun - in my face???) I have to ask: what was that? My dish should be called: "Cause potato is never enough!" I had boiled potatoes with mashed potatoes and some veggie deep fried thing... in which we had (not potatoes, thank God!) rice... Could the dish be any worse???
Well... as I was hungry... and in here, far from anything (is like be hired by CBPF but be located in Ilha do Fundao... this describes well for the Brazilian readers...) I ate as much as I could... and I am guessing I will never hungry again!

Having said that...
It's time for me to go back to work!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sex X love

So... does this means that in the end... women make sex while men make love?


Monday, May 05, 2008


Hello hello!

So we are in may... and I am finally having some real time off!
I am in Brazil!!!! :-D

Last few days were very busy!
Even though it was holliday in Nl... we had parties to attend... moving to do... and the Queen's say to enjoy!
This did led me to days without much sleep! Going to bed at 5am... 3am... and wakin up between 9am and 10am...

After the moving... I had too little time to arrange the house... I've done just a bit... and Pieter did the rest (meaning that the house is still a mess :-P ) and the day after the Queesn's day I cam to Brazil!

The flight was ok... one hour till Paris... where I spent the night in the IBIS hotel, cause of techinical problems... then in te next day the fliht left with one hour delay... another okey flight... but with loads of smallville in my ipod to watch! ;-)
And then... finally at 1600 I was in Brazil!!! hugging my family! :-D

The days up to here were also busy!
After my arrival I went home for a shower and then straight to the restaurant to celebrate my arrival and my father's birthday!
The next day we went to Leblon... had a nice time... and sunday morning I ran!!! :-D

Now I am resting... and feeling pain all over my body... but feeling happy and relaxed... (even though I miss my baby a lot...)

so... enjoy some of my pictures up to here ( and stay tuned for more news! ;-)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Job - Part II

We stay... not because we don't know how to do something else...
We stay cause we don't WANNA do anything else!

Dr. acsaj

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Aerosmith - Pink
Pink it´s my new obsession
Pink it´s not even a question
Pink on the lips of your lover, ´cause
Pink is the love you discover

Pink as the bing on your cherry
Pink ´cause you are so very
Pink it´s the color of passion
`Cause today it just goes with the fashion

Pink it was love at first sight, yea
Pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight

You could be my flamingo
´Coz pink is the new kinda lingo
Pink like a deco umbrella
It´s kink - but you don´t ever tell her

Pink it was love at first sight
Pink when I turn out the light
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight

I want to be your lover
I wanna wrap you in rubber
As pink as the sheets that we lay on
Pink is my favorite crayon, yeah

Pink it was love at first sight
Pink when I turn out the light
Pink it´s like red but not quite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight

wake up light!

So... I have this wake up light in my room (see picture above)...
And I am very impressed in how this light really works!!!

So... I've been using for something like two weeks... every day (in between 15min to 30min before my alarm comes off) the light starts to come on, slowly and in steps.. from very soft to as bright as you want... and as alarm I have bird sounds coming on!
It's very relaxing... I wake up always feeling rested and well...
But wait... it's not only this! ( :P for the ones who got it ;-) )
And most important... it got me a fixed time to wake up every day, even without the alarm!

I really enjoy!

... and talking about lights... I also got (in fact, I didn't get anything... it was all given to me :-) even better) an Energy Light (picture above). For a light therapy (I did miss the sun!!!).
It also has its advantages!
It's like faking summer afternoons!
So... while outside is cold and grey... you inside has this amazing strong "warm" light coming on you!
Surprisingly (for me) I do enjoy it too!

anyway... continuing in the light subject... I think i *should* mention that the weather is finally improving in here! Even when it is cold... at least the sun is shining and sky is blue!
AND I am finally hearing other birds than the crows!

Spring is here! :-) and I love it!

(... so PHILIPS... here I've just done it 2 free advertisements for you! ;-) )

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

can't sleep!

Yeah... see?
Now you know I am going crazy... according with my laptop, it's 23:25... but since this is brazilian time and I am not there... sighs... that's what happen when I go to bed before midnight...
... and I just got kicked out of my room for doing too much noise with the keyboard... People are so selfish!!! :-(

... anyway... I can't sleep... tired of turning side to side in my bed... and starting a heavy headache... I've decided to get up and check my jobs!... another sign that I might be going insane... :P and I see it that it is still running!!! :-O and no... I am not happy with it! Whay is it f***cking taking so long to simulate stupid 10 events!!!????

.... so, unable to sleep and to work... I've decided to write here...
well... end of last year I've finished reading "Anna Karenina", a very good book, very well written and kept on going... and wanting more... but unfortunately... after I've finished I was devastated! Such a sad ending!!! So I've decided I should get me some easy reading... and fun... so I could cheer up a bit! ;-)
I am reading it together some philosophy books... so... some fun chick lit in between sounds like a good deal... and since I am junkie TV without one... (even though I just got even with my favorite series and am now waiting for them to restart over...)... this sounds like a very good trade for me... ;-)

... anyway... while looking for some nice books to read... I bumped into this "Holly's Inbox" book/site.... and as described before... I ended up reading the site.... loving it... and buying the book.... and after all was finished... I was really waiting for the site to come back on its activity!
What a deception! :-(
The site started again... and I have to confess... I DON'T LIKE IT!!!
I am sorry for the fans of it... but I NEED to work... and me, myself, already have 3 to 4 emails to check it (I can maybe go down to 2 in daily basis... but still 2 inboxs of myself!) so I DON'T need another inbox to be checking on it!
The messages take long to come out... the history evolves so slowly.... it's very frustrating...
So, I had to give it up on the daily basis... it's just not for me!!!
I keep imagining how the people in that community have time to read it in work basis, chat and work at the same time... (and for what I know... they are NOT teenagers with spare time to kill!)

... going on... anyway... the site is still a lot of fun (for me) in a weekly basis... (if a too boring day... in the end of the day... when a group of emails is already piled up!)... and today... or better, yesterday... as all mondays... gray and boring... when I've decided to check on it... they just got a new toy in it! An iphone site!!! Where now you can check sms's too!!!! (I have to admit it... I liked it!!!)
I wonder how it did happen on saturday (or friday night) when it was supposed to have come live... BUT I do have live! And I was living it... still... was a nice surprise for my monday!

*** still not sleep at all ***

Going on... I've read "Innocense" from Katheleen Tessaro... and I loved it!!! The book kept me on going... the story is nice and evolves through the years... in a past to present basis... I really really liked... so I've started reading another book of hers, "The Flirt"... still... very well written... BUT... it looks like written by a guy... didn't like it too much... I am getting boring... she lost a bit in this last one (for my taste)... so I gave it in a break... and started reading another one... indicated by a firend (thanks Miruna!) called "Summer in the City" by Robin Sisman. I've just started... but it is going pretty well...

Another one... that I have by my bed head (together with my Sofie's world... which I really enjoy!!!) is one called "A girl for all Seasons" by Camilla Morton. I got the hard cover edition... and it looks like a "fashion bible". It's like having those glamours, cosmopolitans magazines for the whole year long... (without ads...) and with good cultural tips and hystories...
I really enjoy this one!!! It's good for all times! And plus... it mention so many nice books! and quotes...

*** ai ai ai ***

well... its around 5am now... maybe I should just start up with breakfast (I am so not sleep that I was wondering starting washing the dishes...) or try to sleep for three hours more at least...

hope all are having a good night sleep...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I hate sundays...

... I hate the days before monday!

and all mondays are the same: GREY!!!!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Job!

Monday, April 07, 2008


... when I first went back to Brazil, I completely forgot to change the time of my blog page...

Not that it really matters, at least I though at the time... till my friend asked me if I was ok... since I wrote, at 6am, that I was just coming back from the gym and starting working...

To write this at 6am... Can you imagine what time would I have woken up and worked out!!!???
No.... that's not me! :P

So... now... for this kind of thing don't repeat... I am finally changing my timing for the Amsterdam time ;-)

So... my readers will be able to realize when I am going really crazy... ;-) :-P

Monday, March 17, 2008

my history line

I was looking at all my webpages... and I realized that I can reconstruct my track trajetory from them :P

The first page... with pictures from my time at fermilab... parties... birthday parties... going outs... trips and so on... (including most awesome trip ever: Alaska!!!!)

Then is in fact a little trick.... I went to fotopage:
and stay there till now... with fes exceptions... in flickr: where I was from first of 2007 till my 28th birthday...

And now I am back to the fotopage... which I have to confess I like it quite a lot... since I can have pictures and blog all together ;-)

good times... good stuff!
:-) It's life... eh bonita... eh bonita e eh bonita ;-)


Can you see it???

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Having some fun with my new camera:

Saturday, March 01, 2008

good weather

yeah! true!
The weather is very nice lately.... even when it starts misty... soon enough you can see the sun coming up!
It's not hot true... but its a surviving cold now... in fact I was even able to go to the center last friday, by bike... and not complain about the cold wind blowing.... GREAT!

And... I've started running... true... I didn't go everyday this week... but at least I've started (again!) and since the weather is finally helping.... ;-)

To the end of all my "problems" in my "new" life, I've solved my radio problems... I've been listening to the multishow fm!!! GREAT station! :-D or.... I am in my ipod!
soon I will learn how to stream my own radio station ;-)

For now... I guess that's it...


Friday, February 22, 2008

correcting my previous statement

So... I need to correct my previous statement!!!
The weather is not better at all!!! :-(
ok ok ok... we had some few nice days with sun in the sky (on the days that I had decided start a "running" training on the park close by here...)... but today, I was planing to bike till the gym for my tour and have a nice evening in the center... but now I don't anymore...

We are back on the gray rainy days!!! rain rain rain
I am made of sugar!!! I could melt :-P


getting adjusted

I am now living in NL for one month and something... but I am still getting used with lots of things...

First is the bike!!! At least is not raining anymore, so is "easier" to bike... But it's still pretty cold! So, I don't bike too much! Plus... since I am leaving right in front my work (really, right in front, is just cross the street) I don't really need to be biking all around (it is only extremely needed if we go to the center and decide to come back after the last bus... but there are always taxis anyway! :-P)

Other thing is the weather, even though everyone claims is not that cold... it is pretty cold, even more if you left BRASIL during SUMMER!!! Anyway... at least now, as I said before is not raining so much... so is good!!! and plus there having been some sunny days! :-D

While leaving in Pieter's old house we did have TV... and I was able to choose my favorite channel (Veronica)... there were other ones (they are good depending in how many series and new/good movies they show) but TV here is really bad!!! Its all OLD!
But for worst it could be... I MISS IT!!! Now in our new house we don't have TV!!! (cause some stupid mistake our flat came without TV cable... we didn't buy yet and the company didn't give us either... sighs)
So... while getting adjusted to the fact that I have NO TV :-( (well, at least we have some movies to watch! :-D ) I got addicted to It's such a chick lit weblog/mail but so good that I've just ordered the book!!! :D :D :D hahahahahha

But to finalize... I finally found a radio station that I liked... radio here is also real bad (is worse than France... I like radio there!!! even their music). But... I finally found a good one (the songs are kind of old... but good.... I just don't know about the ads, since I don't speak dutch (not yet!!!!)) It is.... the VERONICA station (97.8)... yeah yeah just like the TV channel... all old! But the best! ;-)

So... I am off now... need to go to work...
Till next time! ;-)
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