Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winter is here...

... in fact, I am not sure that it is already winter officially, but I am hoping it is... cause I can't get colder than this!

It's 5C now! And every night when I bike back from work with my ears freezing (only that... cause gladly I have awesome gloves and the rest of the body gets warmed up by the biking exercise...) it's around 2C with "frozen" car's windows and deep dark as if it was something like 3am...

BUT I have something good to say about winter! No... I am not going to say that I like winter better than summer!!! I love sun... and if sweat is a side effect... nothing that a few more showers can't solve it... :-P
Anyway... the good thing is that, if is NOT raining... bike is much nicer!!!!
Yes, it is true! 

I was biking to work yesterday... it was a clear day... I had my leather jacket... warm boots and gloves... soon enough I was enjoying my ride... and THE MOST IMPORTANT... there are NO insects flying in your direction, aiming to your eye!!! Biking in winter IS much better! :-D

Other nice thing... IF doesn't rain, is that the wind doesn't blow that much harder as during middle seasons!!!

So... despite the fact that is cold (but nothing that a few more clothes won't solve it :-P IF it doesn't rain) and that soon I need to find a better hat (otherwise my ears are going to froze) I am, in fact, enjoying this begin of winter! Even the biking around!

(but if it rains... or I hibernate or I need better transportation than my bike...)

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