Monday, October 13, 2008

The birthday gift

So... as you know I am on vacation in Rio!!! :-D
Have said that, I won´t be posting here for sometime, cause I have to enjoy this short time of real sun!!!

BUT today I do need to make an entry... today I received my brother´s birthday gift: a wakeboard lesson!!!

It was great!!!

I won´t have time to put all the pictures online, not yet, cause they were around 200 (1hr for me, one hour for my brother)... but I will do leave some here, so you can have some taste ;-)

Enjoy it!
I did! :-)
jumping on the water...

first try... trying to get up...

standing up...

but down...

... now I am in control!

and with only one hand!!!

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  1. Dinh Trung7:33 AM

    Wow, your're really prettly and own a nice blog.
    Wondering if you could add me in your friend list !

    Dinh Trung


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