Saturday, September 13, 2008

and winter is back again...

... to tell the truth is not winter YET... is fall... but is like a preview of what awaits in store!

So... after the lack of summer, I can count in one hand (with luck 2) how many REAL sunny days I enjoyed here... (here in NL, Greece doesn't count!)
Beach only completely dressed and with some coat on the side (and an umbrella for the end of the day)
And talking about umbrella... how it rains here!!!
I know I know... rain is always a reason for complaining... but this is not like a whole january rainy in Brazil, what is like "sh*t now we will only have 10 (or 9 if we exclude the wither month) months of good weather"... Here it rains almost every day!
And having the bike as a way of transportation, rain is NOT your best friend...

I know I know... I am back in my complaining mode... but come on... it rains, it is cold and BAM I got a horrible cold!!! :-( I have reasons to complain... and worst... from now on, "sunny" days will be the days without rain and with a maximum of 20C!

Sighs... I just hope I get some good weather in my next Rio trip ;-)

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