Saturday, July 26, 2008

African cuisine

Friday evening... time to relax! ;-)

I came home after some hard work day ( :-P ) and had some drinks with Pieter while deciding where to go for dinner...

... two shots of cachaça with honey and lime later... we were biking our way to a mexican place....

... to our deception the mexican place was only a take away place... so we had to move our "plans" for the second option... an African restaurant.

There the food comes in a plate covered with delicious pancakes that we use to grab the food (instead of the usual utensils)... and what food it was.... It was amazing!!!
I loved it!!!!

What a lovely evening...
some more drinks later... and I can forget about any hard work at all ( :-P )

so... get envy of us with the picture of our delicious friday evening ;-)


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  1. Nice! Where was it? I know one next to Utrechtstraat! We can exchange adresses... ;)


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