Friday, August 01, 2008


According with my friendly sources... I've been complaining too much about the weather... I am in fact pretty luck, as I wasn't here for last years summer, which, it didn't really existed, or lasted only a week.

Well... probably true! Other day was so hot, that I was "praying" for some cooling down... The "pray" worked pretty well... the next morning was cooler... a little bit of rain, which lasted a few seconds... and the sun came back all strong and happy!

So I will enjoy more and complain less... (but if I learnt right... the complaining is what help!)


Pictures.... I've been posting some pretty nature pictures in my fotopages... so, if you (my readers... hehhe) don't find news here... go check out there ;-)


Last year, the Coca-Cola company sent out an advertisement (I saw this in Brazil, I don't know if it did happen everywhere...) that said more or less something like this:

"Do you know why did we change the color of the bottle? Neither do us!"

It was about the new Sprite bottle, which in a limited version wasn't being sold in a green bottle (which I don't find attractive at all! I already don't like sprite, and in that green bottle even less... nothing against green anyway) but t came in a blue bottle.
I don't know why they did it limited! It looked pretty good!
I was almost buying it just because of the bottle!!!! (what a shame... what a shame) but I didn't! I was stronger than the dark force of the advertisement... (too bad they moved back to the green bottle... maybe instead of a freak fan of coke, I would be now drinking tons of sprite in blue bottles... hahahha)

Anyway... still in the advertisement subject, and getting to a conclusion... This year the dark force of the advertisement got me weak and I did buy a product after tons of advertisements about it! (and I don't even have a TV, yeah, that's right... and you know what is more amazing, for me at least... is that I don't really miss it that much! except for "Lost", "Supernatural" and "The Big Bang Theory", I don't even miss the other soap series that much anymore... what a change, what a change...) ... anyway....
At all the restrooms doors on the Pathe movie theater and before all the trailers start... they show this advertisement for the new branch of the Dove soaps... "go fresh"
After so many of then, I got myself buying the "go fresh" "a touch of fresh" cucumber with green tea smell!
And, I have to say... I love it!!!! It is amazing!
The whole bathroom smells so fresh after a shower!!!

I am not ashamed of this one ;-)
a good smell is worth the dark powers of the advertisement ;-)

till next one!


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Oi Ana! Tudo bem ?

    Legal que vc mudou pra GRBs ! Esse topico tah bem quente agora. Vamos manter contato.

    Engracado pensar que quando eu estava nos EUA, vc, a renata e a helena tb estavam. Agora, estamos todos na europa :)


  2. Anonymous1:33 PM

    esqueci de assinar :)



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