Friday, August 22, 2008

xkcd - Morgan Freeman - Wanted

Some days ago (maybe some weeks ago, I am not sure) I saw this awesome cartoon, from xkcd, about Morgan Freeman:

It made me smile... with the realization that this might be true!

Well well... I love movie theaters... no... not really the theaters per si (even though some are pretty cool)... but I really enjoy going to the theater and watching movies (I love movie night!) and I like all of it... buying the snacks... watching the trailers... and of course the chosen movie ;-)

Anyway... one of the trailers been shown, quite a lot, recently is the one about this new action movie, "Wanted" ( ... but, until yesterday I've been seeing "a" trailer with the dorky-chosen-to-be-hero guy talking about it... and I have to say... looks so lame...
Without taking into account that the main history is about this "society" of assassins who can "curve" the bullet!!!!
I am sorry... I am physicist... I CAN'T accept this! Is against my "religion"!

Anyway... yesterday in one of my movie night... it comes the wanted trailer... and:

It is mainly in the voice of Morgan Freeman!!!
How smart!!!
Now, I have to confess, that after this trailer, I even considered (for a few nano seconds) to give a try and watch the movie! Then, more than a smile came to my face... I had to laugh of the realization that the xkcd might be right!!!! It was so much more "comforting" that I even could forget how dumb they are...

My my...

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