Wednesday, July 09, 2008


... and so it is...

I was some days out off my office!
The last day I came in it was last weds... and since I wasnt coming back untill beging of this week, as every friday, I cleaned my desks and any garbage I could have around here...

And thursday I was flighting to Greece!
The time there was great!
There was real hot!!! (everyday was 30 to 33C, not the one day 26C and the rest of the month at 18C as ams...) anyway... news about Greece and the meeting happening there are coming in some other entry...

It happens that then, monday and tuesday I was a "ill" person and stayed at home... but I wanted to check some codes from home...
On monday I find out my pc is down!
On tuesday I manage to get someone from across the corridor to turn it on for me (as it was informed me my office mate turned it off cause some noise was bothering him...)

But now it comes the worse!
Today I arrive in my office to find it a complete mess!!!!
Ah... but that's not all!!! It gets worse!!! I WAS SMELLY!!!
In fact, smelly is a way too soft word for it!!!!


I thought someone or something have died in here!!! (un)fortunately I didnt find my office mate dead in the office... BUT I did find some dead rests of slime food on the garbage!!!
Getting rid of the garbage wasnt enough!!! The smell persisted!!!
I was imagining that I was going to die in here!!!

But thanks to power of an air freshener, handed me in by the facility people... I can breath again!!! breath again...

.... again....

or at least until my office mate come back!!!

sighs... it is this mess and this smelly and is not even above 20C yet... I "cant wait" until summer arrives!

stay tuned ;-)

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