Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hello hello...

So... two to three weeks ago, Pieter's family came to visit us... and we've decided to make them a Brazilian saturday evening... so we've made beans!!!

We had to run (bike) to the brazilian store to get all the ingredients in time (in a very tight window... since weekends are made to wake up late... and cause without the proper pan... the beans would take ages till get ready...)

But... all in time and the dinner came out! All nice and tasty! ;-)

And here I am sharing with you... MY BEANS!!!!

Anyway... last week was my aunt's birthday (Parabens tia Leinha!!!!) and, as usual, she made her famous FEIJOADA!!! (I am not jealous that I wasn't there... cause in May, I had preview just for me!!!! and what tasty!!!! but yeah... I am a bit sad about not been there for the party and celebration... More kisses tia!!!!! ;-) )

Back to the subject ... beans... after lunch today (what was finally good: tomato soup + bacon pancake!!!! :-D yeah... I am happy!)... my dearest cousin sent me some pictures of their feijoada!!! (I was glad I just had had lunch... but somehow... I think I am getting hungry again!)

So, for you... My aunt's beans!!!!

Now... I need some beans, farofa and caipirinha... the first one are frozen... so I will only be able to HAVE THEM by tomorrow... the second one... I still need to by the right ingredients for it... but the last item! ...

till next time!

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