Thursday, May 22, 2008

back in NL

So... my vacation period is done! (yeah right :-P in fact... tomorrow I am going to Triste... then in two weekends I will go camping... and in mid june, to Paris... though... Paris I am going at work ;-) what a nice work... sometimes it pay off ;-))... anyway...
My Holliday season is really done for the next 5 months to come... Looking forward to October ;-)

Spending time in Rio was great! The weather wasn't all as I expected... but it was good enough... good to bring my color back!
See my family was amazing! going out together... + see friends and taste the good Brazilian food! :-D nhame!!!!

Now I am back in ams... and... I have to confess, talking about weather, I don't have to complain about it! It was coldish when I first arrived... around 16C but the weather just improved... and today we reached the 22C :-D

Tuesday I came biking to work... felt a bit cold with the wind... but not much in the way back... when btw, I subscribed to a gym close by! (after 2 weeks of feijoadas and cachacas... I need to loose some weight! :-S)
Today I came walking... incredibly close by! And under 22C... this time I felt no cold at all! ;-)

But... if I have nothing to complain about the weather... the same I can't say about the food! (don't miss understand me: Food at home is always good! and btw... now we have a juicer!!! juices at all the times!!!! :-D ) but the food at nikhef it just gets worse and worse... and as I just came back from my lunch time... (which was outside to enjoy the sun - in my face???) I have to ask: what was that? My dish should be called: "Cause potato is never enough!" I had boiled potatoes with mashed potatoes and some veggie deep fried thing... in which we had (not potatoes, thank God!) rice... Could the dish be any worse???
Well... as I was hungry... and in here, far from anything (is like be hired by CBPF but be located in Ilha do Fundao... this describes well for the Brazilian readers...) I ate as much as I could... and I am guessing I will never hungry again!

Having said that...
It's time for me to go back to work!


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