Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wake up light!

So... I have this wake up light in my room (see picture above)...
And I am very impressed in how this light really works!!!

So... I've been using for something like two weeks... every day (in between 15min to 30min before my alarm comes off) the light starts to come on, slowly and in steps.. from very soft to as bright as you want... and as alarm I have bird sounds coming on!
It's very relaxing... I wake up always feeling rested and well...
But wait... it's not only this! ( :P for the ones who got it ;-) )
And most important... it got me a fixed time to wake up every day, even without the alarm!

I really enjoy!

... and talking about lights... I also got (in fact, I didn't get anything... it was all given to me :-) even better) an Energy Light (picture above). For a light therapy (I did miss the sun!!!).
It also has its advantages!
It's like faking summer afternoons!
So... while outside is cold and grey... you inside has this amazing strong "warm" light coming on you!
Surprisingly (for me) I do enjoy it too!

anyway... continuing in the light subject... I think i *should* mention that the weather is finally improving in here! Even when it is cold... at least the sun is shining and sky is blue!
AND I am finally hearing other birds than the crows!

Spring is here! :-) and I love it!

(... so PHILIPS... here I've just done it 2 free advertisements for you! ;-) )

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