Saturday, March 01, 2008

good weather

yeah! true!
The weather is very nice lately.... even when it starts misty... soon enough you can see the sun coming up!
It's not hot true... but its a surviving cold now... in fact I was even able to go to the center last friday, by bike... and not complain about the cold wind blowing.... GREAT!

And... I've started running... true... I didn't go everyday this week... but at least I've started (again!) and since the weather is finally helping.... ;-)

To the end of all my "problems" in my "new" life, I've solved my radio problems... I've been listening to the multishow fm!!! GREAT station! :-D or.... I am in my ipod!
soon I will learn how to stream my own radio station ;-)

For now... I guess that's it...


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