Saturday, June 10, 2006

Meu Inferno Astral (Astral Hell)


Ok... I know that if you do believe in this I am still 14 days far from my astral hell... but still maybe this is just the preview!

Wasn't enough the fact that I will turn 27 (3 to 30!!! can you imagine the drama I will make when I come to 30! :-O ) so... wasn't enough THEN have the Astral Hell!!!

That started last weekend!!! so... I have my problems... and I can't stop everything and deal with them (well, I think is a common problem of all human being!!! what a gift!) so I had to deal with it at my way... and still work... maybe the work is my hell... but sometimes is my paradise! :-S
nha... this is not really a complain... this is how life it is (and could be worse... but it isn't!!! :-D I am thankfull to that!)

So... I did deal with it! people can think that is not a good way... I want them to screw!!! it works... and if I don't deal by myself would you deal it for me? hell no ah?! ;-) I though so ;-)

So... I spent three days inside my room... windows shut! (of course I went out my room to eat and take a shower... duh!) and still I was working... (work shut in my room is not that different that work in my office! in fact is MUCH BETTER!!! I don't have to get that damn bus... suffer with the hot weather... and PLUS I can shut and "unshut" my window, WITH A VIEW. what I don't have at my office)!

So instead of look like I am depressed in my house... is just seem like I am relaxing in confy pj's at my room! ;-)
That was good! Great in fact!

Then... yesterday.... passed the storn... I went out... went to the gym more specifically! that was good!!! the cicle class was great!!! and today I made my avaliation! (aha! 1.66m with 58Kg ;-) yeah... life is good sometimes!)

then a movie!!! yes Sir... I know how to please myself ;-)

;-) Astral Hell for you? I am out of mine even before had started!!!


  1. so... good that you don't believe in astrology! :-P

  2. well, in the beginning of my monday (today) I was a bit afraid of still be in my "alstral hell"...
    what you think?


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