Friday, September 30, 2005

Collaboration Week II - after talking

Ah... Now I can breath relieved... I did my talks and both were good! :-)
I had one talk on wednesday, about my technical work... and it was good, well explained and planned... and today (in fact yesterday, on thursday) I presented my analysis!!! And this one was really good!!! I am really happy with the reaction of people...

And this way the is going to end up very well (but for the fact that I have shifter in this weekend... but ok, I will have at least one week without!!!)

So, on monday I had stuffs done, after a wondering weekend... by tuesday the talks were done and we had Helena's birthday party, that was really nice!!! On weds I did my lum talk and in the night went to socialize with the d0 people... nice, nice.... and today my analysis talk and socialize with friends!!!

I'll keep in mind this like my end of week since tomorrow I have "shifts" ...

And on top of that... tuesday I have my baby back (*blush*)!!!

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