Tuesday, August 09, 2005


This last weekend (in fact, sunday and monday) Pieter and I went to somewhere in Wisconsin, before Madison, to hike and camp.

We've left from Il on sunday morning, around 7:00am, and drove till "there" by free ways... what was very nice... the way was fast and with lot's of trees in both sides of the way... so we didn't suffer so much with the sun (it was a very hot weekend)

When we arrive at the camp site, first we were thinking in spend the night in a backpacking shelter... but the trail till the shelter area was only 10min, with lot's of mosquitos and the area around the shelter besides the fact of lack of water wasn't nice to put the tend... so in the end we've decided to stay in a more conventional camp area...

After registering in we started our walk... our 8hs walk... Enough time to get almost eaten by insects... almost die from thirsty and also to get lost!... hihihi, but in the end was everything fine... we found water (thanks Pieter, my hero! ;-) ) and our way back...
Apart from the hot sun and the not expected lost... it was a very nice walk... we stopped sometimes, sit on the floor or on rocks on shadows... drunk some orange juice/water and took some pictures...
And in the night, around 8:00 we've put the tend... a very nice small tend, for two people... We've slept sooo well!!!

On monday morning we went to Madison (that city is so nice), walk around a bit... and came back...

And now I am "here", doing shifts, again... with mosquitos bites all around my body and my legs hurting... but with good memories of a wonderful weekend!

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