Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Today, after my shift (I mean, tomorrow, since now is already 5:39 from weds, and what happened, had happened at 9:30am from tues...
See it? This is the worse from the owl shifts, you really loose track of the days... because your shift is in the next day... hummm, This doesn't look make too much sense like writing it down, but it does a lot when you think about! You are like... doing it from 0:00 to 8:00 on tues... then you sleep and wake up still on tues but you go to work on weds... grrr... wow...)

Well, now I can understand why I spent like 15min wondering about the "difference" between the coffe cup and the tea cup from Dunkin Donuts... because my mind was already sleeping but my eyes were open... (just like now...)

hummm incredible how when you start to wonder about something your mind can just go on and on without stop! on and on...

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  1. helena8:31 AM

    But what if tomorrow becomes yesterday and now becomes after? :)


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