Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am completely boring in my shifts... and the strange thing is that isn't a too boring shift... I had something to do about the "taking care of data flow" and I am not even sleepy (not too much at least), but I just can't work and I am soooooooooo but sooooooo bored...

I don't have any idea how it will be the rest of my day... so much to do... and still sleep to be prepare for one more night... sighs... But, anyway... letting what it will be for the future... living the present (even if it is be boring in here - I should remember to bring the camera and take a picture from the CR...) I just "came" here to make a note about two movies that I was thinking about today/yesterday (in my own inner shift-time):

*Devil's Advocate: The whole movie is incredible... all Al Pacino lines are fantastic but the final discourse is the best! But there is one line that I will put here:
"Free will. It's like butterfly wings. Once touched, they never get off the ground. No. I only set the stage. You pull your own strings."-> People just have to remember of their 'free will' before blame their 'destine' .

*Meet Joe Black: This is a movie that shows so well how life can be so great that even The Death wanted to live!

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  1. Really, tomorrow/today I have to remember to bring my camera, not only to take pictures from this place as well for the sunrise! ;-)

    sighs... now that I am starting to work I am also becoming dizzy... now I am ready to sleep! ... but I still have 1,5hs to go...


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