Saturday, August 27, 2005

Anchorage, Alaska

Well, yesterday Pieter and I arrived in Alaska...
The fligh was good. 6 hours... most of the time cloud, but we were able to see the moon behind and the sunset in front of us... Very nice.
And also, when arring over Alaska, we saw some glaciers.

Pieter's uncles went to the airport to pick us up and drove us to their place. We are going to be here till sunday, when we are going to pick the train to Denali Park!

The city is quite nice, and guess what? it is a normal city ;-) hehehe
While driving last night I checked tatoo store, Mc Donnalds, shopping malls, SEARS... and people living around!
Wow... people really live in alaska!!! :-D

Today we drove around the city... we went to see a movie about Alaska and their animals and their natives! I was nice!

Sighs... Sunday is up to Denali!!! Let's see if I survive from 15 days hiking and camping!!!


  1. Ué, vc já voltou do Alaska? Me conte tudo!!! Ve se aparece on... Bjs

  2. Aniinhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? Onde vc está??? Preciso saber notícias suas!!!! :0(((

  3. Puxa, que bom que já chegou! Eu não tinha noção de qto iria demorar, por isso achei estranho seu sumiço! Mas já que estava se divertindo espero qye tenha tirado proveito de todo o tempo que esteve lá, que tenha conhecido muitos lugares bacanas e que tenha relaxado bastante. Um grande beijo e saudades. Lu


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