Sunday, August 14, 2005

Last day

Today is my last shift!!!! :-D

And I was thinking that I would have a good (smooth and boring) shift, but noooooo, while my friends are having fun watching (a ,probably, nice) dvd... I am here!!! in the CR (oh... I made a note in one of my entries to bring the camera, but I forgot.... but... I enter some 'nice' figures in my foto page that shows how bor... er... important is this shift...) Stopping run, pausing, resume... sending sclinit... call expert... (at least is not a daq problem... hihihi)... Hummm, but now I think is everything fine and running smooth again... and anyway... It is my very last daq shifter (unfortunately not my last shift because I still have fpd, sighs...)

But... before come here I had a nice dinner with my friends (Helena made a nice food... hummm) and a blueberry pie as dessert :-)

Now, I will try to work a bit (since yesterday I've spent my whole shift trying to do a stupid plot and the only thing that I was able to do was a mean less selection... sighs...)

Oh... and just to laugh a bit... I will put a cartoon that I just saw and... well...

it is true... it is sooooooo unfair when you don't find a sale shoes in your size... hihihi

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  1. Oi Aninha...
    Eu continuo aprontando
    E vc? Pronta para o Alaska???
    Mande notícias e apareça!


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