Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Step it up / Tropicalia

Last week I went to a step class... I though "oh, I did some step classes when I was in Rio and I liked so much... and I did other day, so nice, vibrating... so step it up..."

So, I step it up to the Lifetime fitness center, all cute and full of energy and... well, and, I will describe the class...

-Teacher: march, march... right foot... basic right... now left... basic left... all over the step...

And I am like "ok, that's nice, this is easy..."

-T:mambo, basic right, all over, mambo, basic left... turn all over, step on, out, jump, all over, turn...

Ah? What? Ops, is everyone to the other side?
Ah... ok, now I got it...

-T: Now, let's do the combo (combo?) left, right, turn... again, faster.. mambo... right, turn, all over (argh.... what now? flight? oh my God, is everyone on the other side again? :-( hm...)

-T: Now, let's all dance together... put the steps in a line... (oh no!!! Dance together? why aren't we going to flight? it is easier, I can bet... :'( )

And so, I did step it up out of the class...
And this "step it up" cost me a whole week with hurting legs... sighs...

Friday night we went to an exposition in Chicago (ah... sweet Chicago, it is so nice there... I will miss this city...) it was a Brazilian exposition, Tropicalia... I hated!!! Bad art, with some few exceptions, bad food (nothing Brazilian typical) and bad music...
After some hours standing in high heels some people decided to walk forever till some bar... I didn't last till the bar (this means that Pieter also didn't...), I needed to take out my shoes and we came back with me without shoes...
But it was very nice... in fact much better than continue walking till I don't know where... we stopped in a cafe had some tea and then did a tour by the lake with a carriage! Very nice!!!
Once more a very nice weekend! ;-)

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