Thursday, November 17, 2005

Playing with Gimp

I've put linux (ubuntu: in my computer (in fact, Pieter did... the partition and the installation...)... well, in the process I also lost my windows, but okay it's fixed already... (with the exception of the musics that I didn't save and are lost now :'( ).
Ubuntu is a very nice (well, it's a linux...), (nice when does it work... because, of course it takes a while to set some stuffs up, stuffs that i don't know (and
I am not very much, to not say not at all, patience and I set all - not all and not that easy also, only with reflexion exception... anyway now I remember like a easy-fast setup in windows, hummmm ))
Anyway... ubuntu is a very nice system and I am spending my week (trying to work... I don't how I was able to do my presentationS for today... in office, not ppt... but still, a very nice one!) playing around in my new system... drawing... doing new backgrounds...
And here you can see a screenshot of my desktop... I've made my panel bars light pink and this nice background is also my creation with Gimp!!! a image editor...
yep... in the end I've put linux in my laptop and I have to say, I like it!!!!

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