Thursday, November 10, 2005

PhD life

I remember the first time that I saw this cartoon... it was last year... still in the beginning of the year and my life here... I was still in my first office (hihihi, I had a door and a window... now I don't have none of those... *sighs* ...) ... anyway...
I though it was pretty funny, even more because it is true!
So, during my daq shifters (NO, I don't miss them), more precisely during the owl shifts, when everyone is sleeping and you can't but also can't not fix in work, I spent time reading these comics ( and I got this one for me... it is in my office desktop! ;-)
Well, today, one of my friends asked me in which step was I and my first instinct was answer "before the first one"... but then I though and I realized that this is not quite true!!! I in fact already pass through those steps... in fact all of them, even the last one (:'( ).
Ok, ok... not with all the years and I still have one last year...
So I've realized that I am in some intermediary step!!!! And this gave me a great satisfaction... (another PhD student will understand... sighs...) that yes, I can get stuck sometimes, but it is going ahead and yes I will be able to finish it!!!
Oh happy day!!!

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