Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Panera bread

Monday I went to Panera bread... is a sandwich kind of coffee place very nice...
The sandwiches are very good, the cold ones, like salads and specially the panini ones... heat... hum... so nice... and they also have a very good cuban black beans soup!!!!! And you have the option "you pick two" so you can have half sandwich and a bowl of soup for example... DELICIOUS!!!!

The side for sandwiches were chips (that I love!)... and for the soup bread... but sadly if you decided for the "you pick two" the side was always bread... it made me so sad, because I like so much that chips (in fact, chips is my second vicious after coke, that I am trying to cut... sighs...)...

BUT NOW!!!!!!

you have a choice of which side do you want... bread (and what kind of bread), chips or apple!!!!

hm... Definitely... Panera bread is a place that I will miss!!!

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