Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Vending Machine II

Yesterday I went to buy some coke in vending machine, on my office building and for my surprise (a bad surprise) they don't have coke anymore :-(

When I say no coke anymore, I refer to the only one, the original, the Coca Cola... ahhhhhhhh

Unfortunately they only have pepsi now... it has coke, but doesn't taste like coca-cola! And I am not saying this only because I am a huge fan of coca-cola... but because I am also fan of a good coke...

Pepsi is not that good... coke is much better... and I did lot's of "taste studies" and the only one that approaches to the real coca-cola taste is a Alaskan coke (the one with caffeine please... what that hell is this of coke without caffeine?!) but pepsi is still far away from the cake taste

But, as fan of good coke I am addicted to the coke taste, I had to have the pepsi... sghs... sad news for my afternnons/evening at work... but at least they have ice-cream... (if the heat is strong enough, so I can forget that the winter is coming ;-))

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