Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Yesterday and Today

It's incredible how the same old same can sometimes look so different!!!

There is a construction next to Pieter's house obstructing the normal way to go to work... so we had to do a different way... in fact a slightl different way, we only took the next street instead the usual one and then we were again in the old 59 route... but only THIS detour (I hate my aim... it is asking for a f#$^% new upload, I sent install n times and keeping asking me again!!! I will just unistall it now!!! hihihi) well, continuing... and only this one sigle detour was enough to make me see everything different... a new angle, a new look... a new point of view of that old street... and seem more nice... all the trees were more bright, the whole day, everyhere

I think this did my day a bit happyier... I worked better... and I even found out a site with my favorite addicting game (Shise-sho: http://home.halden.net/vkp/vkp/shisensho.html). In fact... a site with lot's of the same game... it made my day!!!

Well, today the detour is old already... so, nothing was new! And been very realistic... also everything nice and bight wasn't really that bright but it was my new sun glasses that make everything brighter and redish/tanning, hihihi...

Nice new angle of view!!! -> new glasses :-P

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