Thursday, December 15, 2005

A retrospect of the last month till now ;-)

Finally everything nos is setup... My presentation was fine... my room is a personal mess :-P , I am starting to sleep more regulary (or at least working on that ;-) ), the hot water on the shower is fixed (yeah I didn't tell but we had a problem and I was for one week taking cold shower... but after a week, yep, on monday, the water was fixed and we have hot nice shower ;-)) and we are starting to put up the Christmas Tree :-)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

My room is a mess, but I don't have time to clean up because I have to do a presentation on thursday, this is tuesday ;-)

I am home ;-)

I am tired!!!

On the plane... (I think is 5th already :-/)

bye bye (better, see you soon ;-) ) honey! (Dec 3rd 2005)

Christmas decoration on the streets of West Chicago

My last snow memory (not the last day, because it was snowing till the day that I came back home)... and well, last for some time ;-) 'soon' I will see more

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