Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This is the new face of my ubuntu 5.10...
After, as my father says "muito choro e ranger de dentes", I was able to find a fix for it...
So I enter in the ubuntu forum page and asked about this problem, and for my surprise a lot of people has the same problem, all of them with laptops and the greatest part Toshiba... some vaio's also... but the most was toshiba, all series...
Well, but in the end I found the fix that worked just fine for me :-)
And, what is better I was also able to install skype in my ubuntu... it isn't like I am windows, but it works fine ;-)
So now I have, again, both systems, running fine! and btw, I will have to make a picture of my windows... it is as cute as my ubuntu!
More news, soon... and beach pictures after this FU6969 rain stops!!!! ;-)

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