Tuesday, September 26, 2006

running and other things

Well, yesterday I started a new training: run!
I am going to the gym daily, to spend something like two hours... is really good, is a time for myself, far from the stress of work that I can just relax and not worry... So, I am taking yoga classes and some stretch too together with some biking (40min) instead of my water-class (cause is too cold to go in the pool :-P )...
But yesterday instead of biking I went running... for 30 min... and I have to confess that I LIKED! :-D
It got me much more tired than bike... and a bit broken... but it was great!!! I think I will keep training! ;-)
The yoga classes are very relaxing... some relax time in the begining... good excercises n the middle and in the end meditation!
I just need to be carefull to not fall asleep during the relax time :-P true... last week, monday night, I was so tired that I had a slightly dream :-S :-P
On a diet! More like a re-education... no soda on weekdays, no sweets, less sugar... and eating more healthy stuff, like fruits and legumes... as reward I've lost 500g in 5 days! :-D

be zen!

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