Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Horror is in the air...

This friday is the 13th! ;-)
I can sound weird... but I do like the fridays 13... 
I do have lots of superstitions... but amazingly enough none about black cats, under stairs (except for normal safety wonder) or fridays 13... in fact I do like black cats and fridays 13th!

But I have to confess I am kind of disappointed with this years release...
I was really hoping they would release the "My Blood Valentine 3D", even more because it is valentine's day the next day... But NO!!! I will have to wait until March for it :-(

In compensation, the only release of this years 13th is "Friday the 13th" the remake!

Truth is... I am even more disappointed cause I always thought this movie way too lame... stupid horny teens messing around, losing their friends and not even noticing! Too stupid for me!
BUT, ok... I will open an exception for it, this time, since "Sam" from "Supernatural will be in it... who knows? Maybe is going to be better than the original... at least "Freddy X Janson" was 10!

And, btw, for those who don't know, "My Blood Valentine" (which I am not sure is a remake or a post-movie) has "Dean" from "Supernatural" in it... so I am betting is going to be better ;-)

Anyway... since I am in the mood for horrors and remakes... they released a new "Prom Night" this year... which I had the unfortunate idea of watching it! :-(
I did like the original one... with Jamie Lee Curtis, pretty good... but this new one!
Bad, just bad, with horrible actors and stupid personages! Just SAD!!! :-(

Wow... I just remember that I still didn't see the remake of Halloween... hmmm... I will think about it.... ;-)

For now... Tomorrow I will let yo know if the new 13th is good enough... (I know... tomorrow i 12, but nothing better than a pre-release since I have some other plans for friday itself ;-) )


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