Friday, April 01, 2011

primeiro de abril!

Hj um elefante me deu uma flor!
:-P peguei, peguei! Primeiro de abril!

E aí, vc aimda prega piadas de primeiro de abril?
Quando eu era criança, sempre tinha piada rolando... Era divertido!
Mas de repente muitas *deadlines* e compromissos meio q apagaram a data do calendário...

Mas com com piadas ou sem piadas, é sempre bom comemorar outra virada de mês!
Bom primeiro de abril!

Today, an elephant gave me a flower!
:-P aha! It is first of april!!!

So, do u still play jokes on april's first?
When I was a kid this was so much fun! But then, suddenly, too many deadlines and work to be done kind of erased this from my calendar...

But with jokes, or no jokes, I think is always nice to celebrate another brand new month!
Happy april!!!



  1. I didn't do much with April's Foolsday, but since I started working at Lumido, I kinda of have to. It's either pranking or be pranked. I prefer the first one! This year I pranked my boss, it was so much fun. I had a customer of ours sending him an e-mail yesterday that he was invited to Ibiza for a customer event (not something that is unpossible). He was very excited, even bragged about it to friends! :-) Until today when the customer called to tell him he was pranked by me and her. :-D OMG so funny. He's a good sport, he congratulated me on the greatest joke of the year. :-D

  2. Inês6:29 AM

    Não passei minha piadinha pra ninguém, mas já estou me preparando para pegar meu netinho em muitas!! Tomará que ele goste, será que é universal, o dia da mentira?!
    Beijo GRANDE!


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