Monday, July 09, 2012

challenge accepted

... and kind of failed .. :-P

my cousin posted a link on my Facebook wall about some crazy mix with polish nails (3 colors from the same brand in cold water...)
So yesterday afternoon, while the boys were napping, I decided to give it a try....

I had a small time window, decided to use only 2 colors and ignored the chemistry 1:1 I needed for it... :-P
The above picts are the result... LOL
It doesn't look like the art work in the link BUT that I was working in some art project and got my nails dirt! hahaha

Well... now will be like this until I have another time window to change them...
Anyhow... I am starting a new challenge of trying one new thing per day... so, that was my first one ;-)

got go now... the baby wants me! :-)

PS.: tradução virá mais tarde ... desculpa...

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