Thursday, February 23, 2006

finally gym

This week I finally starts in a gym place... so far I only went twice, but this is pretty good for the busy I was and for the first week... and even more because I was in the morning!!! I woke up at 7am to go ;-)
So far I did aerobic class, that broke me all up (maybe down :-P ) and spinning, the bike class... very good classes.

The gym is next to my place... 10/15min walking... and I go to a uphill to do some warm up before the class.

And also to keep training when I don't go to the gym place I bough a jump rope for me... it is so nice... hihihi
Today I did my first rope excercise... but next time I should use shoes (ow my feet)

The other this is that I start yoga/meditation... but I did only once, and I think I need some strech before ;-)

Let's see how it will be my daily excercises after the carnival is past :-P

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