Tuesday, August 29, 2006

dogs... sighs...


Long time no see... well, not exactly this... I could see BUT I couldn't access!!!
Now blogger has this new updated beta version with a stupid party-dog logo... and by itself it recognized my gmail account :-O (I have no idea how) and never more let me access my already owner blog account!
To add here... I forgot the password AND the email I registered in here (note to myself... this is what happen when someone has like 4 emails address... that I remember... :-$ )

well... now finally I am here again! UFA!!!


Why a dog???
What's going on with the world!!!
Nothing against dog, they are cute and so on... BUT WHY THIS FEVER!!!
Everyone, at least here in Rio is like this, has dog... stupid people live in small apartments and have those "cute/little/fun/happy/whatever animals"... then the poor creatures have to be confined there.. and they are not s,smart as cats... and will never be, so they are able to poo or pee in a box container... so the owners go outside with the so they can poo and pee all over the streets... AND THEY DON'T CLEAN!!!
(nothing against with educated people who clean the dirty... but the most of all don't)
So it happens that nowadays people don't even complain anymore about the dirty on the street since everyone has it too!!!
(I mentioned Rio cause I live here... but I can bet lot's of other places are like this... since we always see people don't caring a bit for people dying but being very happy for dogs surviving in all kind of movies... sighs...)

And now we see dogs in all kind of logos... even in toilet papers!!! (???) WHY? OH WHY?


Well... but today finally I opened all my emails and found out where my password was ;-)
and here I am complaining about dog... (more about the owners... oh yeah.... who ALSO use elevators with them!!! :-O )
People!!! some self education before get yourself a dog!!!
No surprise why kids today dont respect their parents... they care more about the dogs and still don't do a good job!!!


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